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little time on a soapbox

I am going to spend a little time on a soapbox. Some time back, after having a form made for State Reps, I sent out an e-mail to each. In the e-mail I ask for their log on to sidecar dot com. I need it to let them into this form. Out of 37 State Reps there are 8 that replied. This form was set up so State Reps can talk (post) what they are doing and what works and what did not work. In short how to be a good State Rep. now I would like to know what these other 29 State Reps are thinking? Are they already Great and if so why are they not helping the rest become great as well?

Well I am down from the box for now. If any of you 29 would like to join the REALY Great drop me an e-mail. I just need your log on not your password.