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link front ends

We have been building a lot of leading link front end in the last month or so. The first is a KTM 990 with full floating calipers and a rear rim laced to a stock type front hub. As the tire is wider then the fork spacing the down tubes are angled out.  The customer was already running this front fender set up. We just moved the fender forward. In the next few days I will post photo's on ADV rider of a Triumph 1200 Explorer. It also has floating calipers. We just painted the extension we had to make for the "Beak" as well as the new front fender. Once we have a chance to buff it out we will install these and take pictures. Next link is on a Suzuki Gladius. It is being powder coated right now and will be installed some time next week. This one has fixed calipers. We are also doing a CB1100 which will be done latter today but then needs powder coated. I will also post photo's of this link also on ADV rider as this site will not allow large files any longer.

We can custom build most anything however as we are extremely busy and currently under staffed, it does take time. Trying to find at least 3 more experienced fabricators at this time.


I tried to down load photo's but the site will not allow the file sizes we have. Photo's are posted on ADV rider

Jay G
DMC sidecars


Note:  Photo uploads are limited to 1 megabyte.  That was done to ensure reasonably fast loading.  1 megabyte is more than large enough for good detail in a web application.  You may attach as many as five photos to a single post.  Most photo editing applications will have an option to "save for web".

Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota