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Let's see how long it takes.

The March/ April Sidecarist is done.  Hope the post office delivers it faster this time.

Fly in North East Ohio got his Jan/Feb last week.

Tom Wells has a story in this one.

Martin is back to begging for stories and pictures.   

Dave USCA president 

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Just my two bits- over the years, I've been editor of three newsletters. Two for motorcycle clubs and one for search and rescue. But never a slick publication like the Sidecarist. I can imagine what Martin is up against to get enough input to fill the pages during normal times. Then comes a pandemic and all activities come to a halt. Still Martin carries on and puts out the magazine we look forward to with anticipation. I don't write very often and I'll try to do so more often but I join Dave in asking everyone to send in stories of past rides and adventures or misadventures. I have to say my favorite all time issue was August-September 2013 when my photo appeared on the cover, my story and many photos in the magazine and on the back cover! Give it a try, fellow sidecarists!! It's a joy to see what you wrote in print.

Tom Wells aka Reardan Tom

Let's hope! Still waiting here with fingers crossed in Massachusetts for Jan/Feb.... 

Gandolf, I think the club should put another copy of the last issue in the mail to you. Perhaps in a plain brown envelope. I bet somebody took a liking to your copy before it ever got to you. Too big to be sitting in the bottom of a mail bag somewhere. If you don't have it by now, I doubt it's still on the way. 


Tom Wells aka Reardan Tom