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LBS-Sidecars USA - STEPLER Adventure Sidecar Build Complete!

Although we have shipped a DIY/knock-down kit to a client back east already, this is the first full-on STEPLER build out of my shop

The tug is a 2019 BMW R1250GSA HP.

The tub is our LBS STEPLER sidecar adventure touring kit, together with our model-specific (not "universal"!) subframe, rigging, chassis and leading link front suspension system.

15" rotary-forged modular automotive wheels, shod with BFGoodrich Radial T/A's.  Shocks by Tractive Suspension Systems.  Heated adjustable seat by Exmoor, from a Land Rover Defender.  Accessory power panel for sidecar passenger.  Four-color custom paint, six colors of u-POL Raptor chip guard.




Uploaded files:
  • 20220925_stepler_final_02.jpg
  • 20220925_stepler_final_04.jpg
  • 20220925_stepler_final_06.jpg
  • 20220925_stepler_final_09.jpg
  • 20220925_stepler_final_11.jpg
  • 20220925_stepler_final_10.jpg
  • 20220925_stepler_final_12.jpg
  • 20220925_stepler_final_16.jpg
  • 20220925_stepler_final_19.jpg
  • 20220925_stepler_final_20.jpg
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  That is one sharp looking rig. The workmanship looks like someone know what they are doing.    

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