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Laconia Sidecar Rally

Anybody going this week-end to NHIS for the sidecar races and rally?

My rig and I will be camping there

June 15 – 17, 2012 – 3rd Annual Festival of Sidecars at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway in Loudon, NH. Hosted by the Sidecar Racers Association (SRA) in conjunction with the Loudon Classic. CSS

Sidecar Racing Team Information:

Teams will be allowed to get into the track Thursday June 14th after 4:00pm. Race entry fees and gate and infield passes are FREE to all Sidecar team drivers and passengers. Anyone else with the team pays $25.00 for the weekend or $10.00 per day for infield passes. Sidecar teams pay $25.00 for weekend infield camping complete with power and water hookups. This is an invitation for all Sidecar teams from any club. If you have a rig, show up and you get 3 days of FREE RACING. We break the Sidecars into 2 classes modern (F-I, F-II, & P-3) and vintage (P-I & P-II) and each class gets a practice and a race on each day (Fri., Sat. & Sun.) Trophies are provided by NHMS for 1st, 2nd. & 3rd place champions in both modern and vintage classes. For more information contact or contact Jim Laura at 603-227-9700 or email .

Spectator Information:

Spectators pay a $25 “gate fee” for the weekend that gets you into the grandstands. If you would like to get into the infield (pits), there is an additional charge of $25 for a weekend “infield Pass”. Sidecar club spectators will be allowed to camp (tent or RV) among the race teams in the infield for $25 per site for the weekend with electric and water, however, you must inform the track which sidecar club you are affiliated with when applying for your camping space. If there are any problems with trying to camp among the sidecar race teams, inform the track that this arrangement has been made between James Laura and Tommy Blanchette. There are RV dump facilities available. Bathrooms and showers are close by. There are no restrictions on children attending. Dogs have to be kept on a leash at all times and you have to pick up after them.

There is a café in the infield that has sandwiches, burgers, dogs, ice, etc. There are several good places to eat nearby. There are motel/hotel accommodations on Rt. 106 near the track, but you’re advised to make reservations early. More accommodations are available in Concord, about 20 minutes away, see for a listing.

A parade lap for spectators with sidecars is scheduled for Saturday at lunch time. A fee of $15 per outfit will be charged.

This race weekend will also feature the U.S. Legend Cars International, which are powered by motorcycle engines, as well as motard (dirt bike) events on both a small mini-oval and the full road course.

The Loudon Classic motorcycle/sidecar races are run in conjunction with the Laconia Motorcycle Week event, so there will be other motorcycle activities in the area as you go north towards the town of Laconia.

Quickbike, I'll be camping there in the back lot. I go up with a bunch of buddies every year but most of my crew rides two wheels. If you see a fat guy with one leg riding a kz 650 rig it's me. Stop by and say hi.

I wanted to thank everyone that made the trip to NH for the 3ed annual SRA Festival of Sidecars at NHMS.
We had a great time with 17 roadracing outfits and many street outfits on hand. GREAT WEATHER!!!!!!!!!!!!and racing, what more can we ask for?

Next year will be the 90TH Loudon Classic. The track was very happy with our effort this year.
USCA members really help grow this event!!!!
Next year we plan to set up between turn 2 and 3 along the back straight, just to the right when you come through the tunnel.
This will be closer to the infield bathrooms, and along the only grass area for camping. Many teams like this grass area for their pits also.

We spoke with a few sidecar riders about expanding activities for this event. Rides could be planed as this is Laconia Bike Week!! Wed. is a Pro hill climb in Cannon NH. and many other things to see.
As a racer, we are very busy. The help offered by USCA members, along with the pot luck we share on Saturday night makes this event one of our best.
The track had a live band playing both Friday and Saturday night. We changed our motor after Friday's race, to live music! What more could we ask for?

Again, a big THANK YOU to everyone that made the trip to NH.
Peter and TEAM

I never had a chance to get out there last week-end. My Dad took a turn for the worst on Thursday so my wife and I decided to stay home. Dad passed away Tuesday at 1 I was glad I didn't go.


I got to talk with a few racers but the only other sidecar riders I saw at the track were the two friends on urals I camped with. I thought I would see more rigs but it was still a good time.

I tried to come and pay a visit to the sidecar people who were camped in the camping area outside of the pit area, but security would not let me into this area with my wrist ban. Although the security at the infield check point, allowed you to get into the infield.pit area with your wrist ban.

Between Thursday and Sunday, we had four sidecarists camp in the infield/pit area, and five others visit and spend time with the race teams.

We had a great time visiting with the race teams, and getting to know everyone better.


I hope next year will be a bit more organized as far as camping and outside racing activities.
Jim Laura and the SRA have there work cut out justing getting the racers to this event.
We should get a earler start next year. I spoke to the track after the weekend, and they were happy with the whole weekend.
With it being the 90th running of the Classic, and so much to do in the Lake Region I hope we can expand this event.