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Kentucky: Registration Required for Sidecars

Mr. Roy Mundy, Commissioner at the Department of Vehicle Regulation, TRANSPORTATION CABINET, Frankfort, Kentucky 40622
has advised that according to KRS 186.041 states that the annual registration fee for each motorcycle shall be nine dollars ($9), and for each sidecar attachment, seven dollars ($7).

This fee is collected annually for each sidecar registered - probably around 400 of 650 in Kentucy.

I know of no other state that has such a registration fee separate for a sidecar as a sidecar is considered as an accessory and not as a separate vehicle as is a trailer. In fact, all definitions of a motorcycle stipulate that it is a vehicle of two or three wheels with a seat or saddle for the operator (and not a tractor), and include a sidecar. A sidecar is not a separate vehicle.

If you wish to contest this it must be through Legislative action. Enquiries about this may be directed to Asa Swan, the KYTC Legislative Advisor.

You might also want to bring this to the attention of Abate, Kentucky.

what does Kentucky charge to register a trike ? since Hannigan Sidecars is in Kentucky has there been any input from them ?

I can almost admire the twisted logic behind this licensing requirement. More wheels = more road usage consequently justifying higher registration fees.

This is purely a money raiser although how "$2800" is going to help the state remains to be seen.

With the low number of actual sidecars in use on Kentucky roads it would make far more monetary sense to raise all registrations by a dollar instead of targeting sidecars for a special road use fee. This is another clear case of prejudicial lawmaking used against a minority and supported by thinking that the minority will not be able to raise an oppositional stance.

this is strange in a state that doesn't require license on a trailer. thing is ,i don't know anyone who has paid the additional fee.

If it isn't being inforced at all staying under the radar may be the best policy.If you don't be sure to wear some very heavy steel toed boots as you will probably shoot yourself in the foot.

Just to give you'all an idea about how the State of Kentucky can work when it comes to raising revenue, did everyone notice about fifteen years ago "Kentucky Fried Chicken" became "KFC"? It wasn't, as most of us thought, because fried foods suddenly became unpopular. It was because the State of Kentucky registered the word "Kentucky" as a trademark (the actual legalities escape me) and charged a fee for its use. The "Kentucky Derby" offically became "The Run For The Roses" and Neil Diamond's "Kentucy Woman" was dropped from radio stations due to licensing issues. An agreement was reached between the state and chicken folks a couple of years ago and the tasty treat from Corbin was once again southern fried.