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Kennedy Defies Board - Member Input Requested

It seems that the membership of the USCA doesn’t like to hear about the decision processes of the Board because every time we publish them we get complaints about “politics”. But if we don’t make things public, we get complaints about “secrecy” so this is being written to avoid the taint of secrecy and in the hopes that those of you who don’t want to hear this will skip it and cut us some slack for talking about politics. If you aren’t interested in the inner workings of the USCA and don’t want to hear us air our dirty laundry, STOP HERE and go back to the fun stuff. Please understand that your USCA Board is not happy to bring this issue to the membership but we have been forced into this by the irresponsible and illegal actions of the USCA President, John Kennedy.

The Summary

The USCA has been paying to have the duties of the Secretary done for many years. This amounts to $2,400 a year and a majority of your Board feels that the job can be done by a volunteer and the money could be better spent elsewhere. There was a vote that carried by a wide majority and the Board instructed John Kennedy, the President of the USCA to inform Al Roach, the current Secretary and Registrar that as of the end of June, 2004, we would no longer pay to have the job done. That gave Al Roach a ninety day notice. If Mr. Roach wanted to do the job as a volunteer, that would be great but if not, we would seek a volunteer to take on the task.

The issue that prompted this decision was the general agreement on your Board that we should tell Al Roach in time for him to decide if this made any difference to him before the election. If he didn’t want to run if he wasn’t to be paid for keeping the club roster, he might not want to run for office. John Kennedy refused to officially tell Mr. Roach about the change and in fact told Mr. Roach that he (John Kennedy) would see to it that Mr. Roach would continue to be paid despite the decision of the USCA Board. Unfortunately, John Kennedy didn’t admit that to the Board that until Al Roach had told a representative of the Board that John Kennedy assured him he was keeping his job and his pay, and to ignore the USCA Board.

This leaves the USCA in a very bad place. The President has set himself above the authority of your USCA Board in conflict to the USCA Constitution and Bylaws as well as common sense. He has made an unauthorized and unilateral commitment to spend the USCA’s money. This is just the most recent problem that John Kennedy has had with your USCA Board but it is by far the most grave. To a person, the undersigned members of your Board are opposed to John Kennedy’s position and find that anyone who sets himself above the best interests of the USCA and the decisions of your Board should be told by the membership that he is out of order. We ask you, if you are a current member of the USCA, to let your opinion be heard by posting here on or by sending a message to any of the Board members.

Please understand how very sorry we are to be forced to bring this to the attention of the USCA membership. We’d like this to be about the fun and friendship that sidecaring has brought to us all but that’s just not always possible.

Spencer Bennett, Southeast Regional Director
Joyce Canfield, Central Regional Director
Jay Geise, Western Regional Director
Robert Montague, Treasurer
Al Olme, Vice President
Dave Szkudlarek, Midwest Regional Director

The Details

Over the course of the past couple of years a lot has happened to help the USCA become a more active organization with many more folks participating. We’ve got a better, more modern and slicker looking newsletter. Now that we’ve got Steve Woodward as the new permanent editor, it’s coming out on time. We’ve had several regional rallies to augment the USCA national rally. We’ve taken back the web site from Doug Bingham, who was kind enough to host it while we couldn’t afford to. Thanks Doug. With the help of several volunteers headed up by Mike Laubenstein the new web site has grown from a col

Throw the Rascals out!
Break their swords, split their tunics, hand them a white feather and drum them out of office and back into the trenches with the rest of us soldiers.

I would like to request to see a response right here from each board member...over and above the post By Al Olme. I would also like to see a response from each person on the new ballot for the upcoming election right here. After all the new ones on the board will be THE future of the USCA after the old board members are gone.
Just a thought,

Just for the record, all the members of the Board whose names appear under the post, reviewed and some contributed to the post before it appeared, I was simply asked to do the writing.

I agree with Claude, I'd like to see what the potential new members of the Board have to say. I would hope that they take the time to get both sides of the story before the respond.

For the convenience of USCA members who want to comment directly to their Board representative.

Spencer Bennett []
Joyce Canfield,USCA#6576 []
Dave Szkudlarek []
Robert Montague []
Al Olme []
Jay Geise []

Not that it makes any difference, but, out of context:
"...The reason John gave was a citation of a disjointed part of the Constitution that calls for an eight week notice to the general membership before a special meeting can be held. The item obviously refers to a “General Meeting” and not a Board Meeting but it is part of the Constitution..."
"Disjointed?" The FedGov's idea on THE Constitution elevates the "general welfare clause" to the foundation of the USA. Hence the Welfare State.
"Obvious?" It is obvious to me that the 2nd Amendment is a "Right of the People" but who the heck am I?
Constitutions can be a bitch!
Maybe that's why we want to force one on Iraq?

Well, you ASKED for input...

For the convenience of the Board representatives
who want to comment directly to the USCA members:

We are right here 🙂

i come from the land of recall here in cali,
lets through the bumm out


Please post the USCA constitution procedure for a recall election at the general membership meeting.

Regretably, recall is one of the things that the folks who wrote the USCA Constitution left out. Fortunately, it's one of the things that your Board will be adding to the new version that is currently in work. In any event, it won't be ready before the next election in two months.