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Keeping passenger dry in rain

Having just completed a five day, 1500 mile camping adventure in Ontario with my 3 y/o golden retriever, Barley, riding shotgun and delighting onlookers, I realize how lucky we were to dodge all the thunderstorms coming in our general direction. In fact, just a couple hours after we returned home our hillside was hit by high winds and torrential rains that took out much of our dirt road.

If we had hit conditions like that on the road we would have just pulled over next to a structure for safety and hunkered down till it passed. But what do you do when you're caught in the rain while traveling, and you have a passenger in the hack? I thought I'd put the cover over the cockpit, but Barley clearly vetoed that idea. I'm considering ordering a ragtop for the Hannigan rig; though I consider them ugly as sin I'm more into the function over form thing.

Are there other options?

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My wife is more forgiving of the cover being over the hack than your retriever, when I bought mine in March there were still some cool nights in SC, she requested the top be snapped over her to contain her body heat, and reduce the chill factor of 65 mph. However, to her credit, or stupidity, lol, she chose to ride the passenger seat in the torrents we ran into in Georgia, enroute to Daytona, the rain was so hard that we were making wakes with my front wheel. Our Dachshund was content with being snugly tucked away in his portable kennel under the cover of the sidecar.