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Just saying hi...

I just joind this forum and wanted to introduce myself. My name is Shawn Goulding and I am the great grandson of James Goulding. I am looking to find people in my area (Michigan and the great lakes states) that have Goulding sidecars. My cousin, Ron Rae in the past couple of years has brought me to know the vast and colorful motorcycling heritage of our family and I am looking to expand on that.

I personally do not have a sidecar at this time but I am an avid rider and commonly tour the country during the summers. I really hope someday I can find a Goulding Rocket and restore it, but at this time the money is just not in the bank account to do so. Anyone want to sell one on a payment plan *grin*?

If anyone knows of any Goulding clubs or events please feel free to email me and fill me in. I can't wait to meet of few of you and hear some old stories as well as see some great old sidecars.

Best regards,

Shawn Goulding
White Lake, MI USA

Hi Shawn;

And welcome....I think its absolutely cool that you come from a family long interested in motorcycles.

I hope you'll forgive my ignorance, but I don't recall hearing about the Goulding Sidecars. I would love to hear more, as I'm interested in every aspect of motorcycling.

And, if you get replies that add to this knowledge, you can bet I'll be reading them avidly.

I've noticed a funny thing about life. If my interest in something gets hopped-up, and I spend a lot of time, thinking, planning and fellowshipping with others who have similar interests and passions....well, its almost as if the things that accompany those interests seek me out, and I'm able to own or enjoy that thing that otherwise I'd never find.

I've certainly found that to be true in respect to motorcycling and I expect you'll end up finding just what you want or need, given the necessary little bit of time, interest and effort on your part.

So anyhow, Happy Thanksgiving! and we'll catch you later....


Hi ShawnMy name is Chuck I grew up outside of Detroit Michigan. I can remember seeing our neighbors go riding with their friends on their Harleys in the early sixtys sometimes there was a woman riding her own bike and sometimes the Harley she was riding had a sidecar.It was Earl and Dot{Goulding}Robinson they were the owners of Robinsons Harley Davidson in Detroit.Now if you look in the for sale section here there was a Goulding sidecar for sale,I think it was located down in Arizona.There was a Goulding sidecar at the USCA Lexington Kentucky 2001 National rally and I wouldn't mind having one myself

Welcome aboard glad to see your post.You have a great heritage there. I think the last Goulding I saw was the one Chuck mentioned that was at the Lexington Rally. Good friend here used to have one on his Harley but it was sold years ago..he , many times has said he wishes he would have kept it.

Hope you post often,

Howdy Shawn,
I live a few hours north of you in the village of Roscommon. Good luck with your quest to find a Goulding Rocket..