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Just Not Into Pi Day

Happy March 14th Everyone!

I'm sure many of you have been greeted or have greeted others with "Happy Pi Day!" today. Perhaps you have taken advantage of businesses offering a free slice of pizza pie or coffee on the house with the purchase of apple pie. Take your nerdy winks and smiles of superior intelligence elsewhere, I'm just not into it!

I mean, how can we support a fake holiday for Pi when there is no similarly fake holiday for Avogadro's Number? Sure 3.14 is a big deal. Without it, how would Science Fiction movies be able to let their audiences know that the radio signal they just received from the Vega Cluster came from an intelligent source? But is the number of molecules in a gram molecular weight of EACH and EVERY substance in the universe any less important? Sure, Avogadro's number is huge (6.02 x10^23), but at least it has an end. With Pi, you can NEVER get to the bottom of it! I bristle at the blatant favoritism of Mathematicians over Chemists! It not right that we should support a ginned up holiday created for the sole benefit of Big Pastry!

If you want me to celebrate Pi Day, then you MUST join me in celebrating June 2nd as Happy Avogadro's Number Day! That should make the executives in the Guacamole Industrial Complex happy!

If there is misdirected outrage anywhere in the world, COUNT ME IN!

On a more serious matter, I want to note the passing of Stephen Hawking. Your synthesized voice will be sorely missed. It brings a smile to my face knowing that Stephen and Albert are up there, right now, playing dice together with God. It's uncertain if Schrödinger's cat is there too.

God's Speed (of Light) to you, Sir!

Huh ? Tesla, 3, 6, 9

I'm sure Avagadro would be deeply move at your loyaty. But in a world of things that go round and round (like motorcycle and sidecar wheels) who cares about the number of molecules in a mole of a substance. As a (semi) retired professor of math (with a minor in the sciences) I take exception to your exception :).

Well, Well, Well Professor Short, your use of the term “Round and Round” undoubtedly exposes your preference, nay BIAS, towards all things Pi! Need I remind you Sir, that once you Mathematicians has calculated the circumference of that “round thing” that it’s the Chemist and his/her magic 23-digit number that formulates the tire to shad that wheel? It’s the Chemical Engineer that developes the fuels and lubricants that power those “round Thingies”!

(In case anyone isn’t quite sure what’s going on, this is just nerd humor. Channeling our inner Sheldon)

BUT - without Math (maybe ignoring Pi) none of the above would happen.

(I'm Not sure I can out nerd a nerd but I can try.)

All kidding aside - chemistry was one of my favorite sciences (ie - math applications.)

LOL, fair ‘nuf Will. I’m not so sure that the original rant came from the mind of a nerd in as much as a mind on too much caffeine!

Poor neglected e.

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I try to b3 mindful wh3n using th3 l3tt3r "e" just in cas3 som3on3 g3ts th3 bright id3a of slapping a copyright on it and starts charging lic3nsing f33s.

OldSchool_IsCool - 3/14/2018 7:02 PM

LOL, fair ‘nuf Will. I’m not so sure that the original rant came from the mind of a nerd in as much as a mind on too much caffeine!

I think prolly both ! 🙂