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Just moved to Scottsdale, AZ

Hello Pelippe,
there is no way to get out of this alive. So take the next best choice.
Go with the boot on!

My parents in law and several good friends showed me that trick respectively short cut.
And if you survive, you will have a lot to tell and brag in front of your buddies during eternity.
One of those who jumped off the shovel 17 years ago and collected quite a few stories in these granted surplus years.

And here I am with only three.

Whats the chromed T (hook?) on the back of Friendship 2?

there seems to be missing a third driven wheel on the Rokon.

That is a Harley TLE luggage rack. Picture is at a Big O in Las Vegas getting a new hack tire on the way back from Griffith Park a couple of years ago.

I will find a sidecar for the Rokon one of these days. I just do not want to pay what they want for a new one.

Dana, you got it right, they do not need to be clean. The use is what is important.
There once was a Rokon version with a hydraulic front wheel drive and 2% positive slip. I always thought about that drive to put on a sidecar wheel.
Good luck to all.
I escaped too much from work today already.

How is this for a Rokon hack?

I'm in Surprise... Still spend most of my time on two wheels..

What a nice sidecar! Too bad you are not riding it that much!! If you need me to come and ride it...Let me know 😉