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Just moved to Scottsdale, AZ

Anyone with a sidecar around? Any rides planned?

I live in Mesa have a 1982 Goldwing with a Watsonian Monaco sidecar. Been a resident of AZ for 8 years. See very few to no sidecars here. I ride with the Goldwing Chapter D in Mesa and am the only rig. I do ride with this group : they are a very active group.
What kind of sidecar do you have ? Maybe we can get together for lunch , can you do weekdays ? Tortilla Flats is a good ride and only 40 miles from Mesa . Doug

I have a few sidecars (!!) and in a month here I have not seen another one on the road!!! Which type of Watsonian do you have? My Watsonian is a Monza on a TBird Sport ... so far I've been to Bartlett lake/Horseshoe dam (on my Ural), today to a car show in Fountain hill. Next Sunday I am going to a HD ride .., not really free on week days: still have to work??????

If you see these on the road.... it's me!

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Or these:
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Of course if it is a dirt road...

And next Sunday for the Adobe Soar for wildlife I'll show up on this one:

Looking good down there in all of that sun.

Hello Friends!! I hope you'll be able to make it to the Toad Rock in July for the Bigfoot Rendezvous.

Is the purpose of the game. Who owns in the end more toys wins?
Get them on the road and enjoy. You have many nice roads and gravel tracks up there once you get out of the towns.

I must touch my nose here: There is a Franken-Jawa waiting for some more work in my shop.
Red Riding Hood wants to smell the flowers.
Not the vulcano ashes and dust.

Damn.... no one told me (at the hospital) that after collecting bikes all my life it was "gauche" to do the same with sidecars!!! And thinking that another one is getting prep at DMC ??????. The one with the most toys dies like the others....