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just moved to alexandria la

any sidecar riders in Alexandria Louisiana? Just moved up from southeast la and settling in, roads are exciting to me, with hills and curves.
living in cotile lake recreational park in our rv for a while until get settled and get to know the area.

I am in Monroe. There are some in Shreveport and I know of a couple Ural owners in the Baton Rouge are.


2015 Ural Patrol, 1980 R65, 1982 R65 original owner, 1975 R 90/6, 1959 TR3A Triumph Don

Got a couple around Alexandria. I sent you a pvt message

I'm in Baton Rouge, would also like to have the opportunity to meet up with other hack riders in the state.

sorry for taking so long to reply, no internet in campground and very busy with orientation at new job, thanks for all the replies, will try to make contact asap.

I'm in Bastrop, close to Arkansas line.
Cary (Bubblechaser)

Getting settled in better now, in a few more weeks should be ready to get some riding done. thanks again for all the responses...hope to make contact soon.