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Just got my first rig!!!

First of all, thanks for some of the great advice I got here... I'm feeling extremely fortunate to have found a beautiful 2001 Yamaha Venture Royal Star bike with a 2015 Champion sidecar! The bike has 23k miles. Picked her up yesterday (Saturday). It was located only 30 minutes from my house (unexpected benefit) and the couple that sold it to me were fantastic to deal with. I wasn't originally looking for anything this fancy, but I really fell in love with it at first sight. I can envision taking longer trips in relative comfort, compared to smaller rigs I looked at. Weather was warm enough for a quick sponge bath. I drained the old fuel and filled up with Mogas for the winter, as she's been sitting for awhile. Needed a new battery, ran her for awhile and once warmed up she smoothed out real good. I did take for a short test drive before I bought her, and she handles real good so far. I'll change fluids as soon as I have a chance.

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WOW,  great looking rig. Congratulations on a great find and buy. You are right, that is a long distance rig. It will want more than just running to the local lumberyard.


Come on to Iowa for our national sidecar rally June 22-25th.

Enjoy it and welcome to the world of three wheel offsets. 


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  Looks great. Give your self time to adjust to a sidecar and enjoy.

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Sweet looking rig. 

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Cool score, that's a beauty! Congrats!

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Welcome to the Madness, great score on a good looking rig 

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Beautiful Rig




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Hello Kenny,

Lovely rig!

A site worth checking out is Lots and lots of technical information and tips.

I've been driving Venture rigs for the last 13 years.


Beautiful rig you got there. Welcome to the group and enjoy your ride.


Dennis P. Spokane WA USAF Retired 1996 Harley FLHTCUI with Liberty Sidecar

Gorgeous outfit Kenny! Looking forward to stories of your adventures in the Sidecarist. Short runs until you get used to the way it handles and remember how wide you are off to the right side. Enjoy!!!


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