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June 2020 trip

  We are taking Payton and her wheel chair and another grandchild Kale to ride NC/TN. Packing things now. We have to trailer the rig to NC to start. Wife and 2 11 year olds just won't fit the rig. Plan is simple get to NC. Download everything and ride. They want to ride the Smoky Mountains. Payton really wants to ride the Dragon. One fold up wheel chair is behind the seat in the side car. Her everyday chair will be loaded on the trailer also.

    Put some time into making the trailer what I wanted over winter. It works well for our needs. My plan is to post some pictures to Flickr and the link will allow you to see them. This site is not very picture friendly. Loaded up the rig a hour ago. Will start packing things up.

  Few numbers . trailer weight 450 Lbs new. Added spare tire, tool box, wheel chock . With some tools , extra tie downs , Fire EXT. required by law in TN. And Payton's 70 pound wheel chair I am 190 Lbs below the 2,200 for the trailer.

  This will be an adventure.

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Deleted userCCjonThane Lewis

Sounds like the making of a great article and photos for an upcoming issue of the Sidecarist!!

Travel safe.  Looking fwd to more pics and stories.

Lee / Summer Grove, Louisiana: Ural cT, CJ750, Burgman/Texas Ranger, Zuma 50F, MB5, TW200, CRF250L, GTV300

When/If you do the Dragon, be on the lookout for photographers in some of the turns.  You'll probably see one behind a sign that says "Killboy".  They have a site [ ] where you can go and buy the photo of yourself going through the turn.  They are sorted by date and start at $6 for a digital image w/o their logo.  It's a better idea than trying to stop and take a picture yourself because there's really no good place to stop. No, I'm not an employee.

The first time I encountered Killboy was when I was hauling my rig on a trailer behind my Honda SUV on the way to Cliff and Noreen Cypher's spring rally. I was blindly following my GPS and listening to a recorded book. There's no sign [when I went through] that say's "You're about to drive The Dragon". I was just taking shortcut by using US 129.   Believe me, while it's possible to do it with a trailer, it's not all that much fun.  I saw guys with cameras standing in the apex of a couple of the turns and then I saw the Killboy sign. That was the first time I knew I was on the Dragon.  There's a store/snack shop at the end with a ton of t-shirts.  I asked if they had a shirt that said "I did the Dragon by mistake"... they don't.  The Dragon is just about 11 miles long but it's a workout on a rig and be aware that despite the "NO PASSING" signs you will be overtaken.

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John Holbrook
Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota

 We have many pictures of the bikes we have owned on the dragon. And that is something we plan on for the grandchildren. This is the Rig on the Dragon last year . We pushed it hard in both directions. That area is a place we ride every year and always look forward to going back.

Always looking for more places to ride in that area.

    Today is packing day. Payton is fired up ready to go. Having a cup of coffee then start packing.


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Thane Lewis

 Wheelchair is loaded , all we need to do is load people up and head out 0400. Cushion for chair are in tool box and it is folded down.


 Sorry for not posting sooner. Had issues logging in. Here is just an example of what I will be posting. Day 4 we had a great ride Payton and Kale's dream of riding the Dragon came true. Using the trailer to get to this area work great. The rig is doing everything it expected to do and more.  Look closely you will see Payton's hand . Much more to come. What can you do with a sidecar...anything. As the pictures are posted anyone may use them as they see fit to educate  and promote the joy of sidecars.


More on the Dragon taken by the pro's at Killboyz



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Thane Lewis


On this ride we had a lot of question form other riders. Had to explain to a few that the sidecar is a two seater. Had a couple LEO shadow us a bit never stopped.  They had a chance to ride a few of the standard routes many enjoy riding in TN/NC area. All went well. No real issues . One broken wire had to fix to get tail lights back. We had rain but it never stopped us long.

   The rig handled well and the load was never an issue. Maintained speed limits with ease and was more than comfortable with posted or slightly above on all the curves and downgrades. Fuel mileages was slightly better than normal, likely due to lower average speeds in the mountains.

  Hundreds of pictures taken , I will need to sort through them. They are all posted on Flickr if anyone wish to look them over. Wife and I always loved riding this area and wanted to share it with them. This link will take you to all the albums . The first 6 are this trip. What can you do with a sidecar.  That is up to you, much more than you think.


It seems like you had fun on your recent adventures. 

Looks like a great opportunity to write an article for the Sidecarist along with some photos.... I'd love to see those and read about your adventures.