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Joyce Canfield's Sidecars in the Flint Hills - September 7-10, 2023

This year’s rally will be held at Group Campsite S-2, Council Grove Lake, Canning Creek Cove, Council Grove, Kansas. There will be door prizes, awards, guided & self-guided tours, and sidecar games. The rally fee includes 2 meals plus biscuits & gravy Sunday morning and camping with electric & water hookups (first come basis). This is a Corps of Engineers campground and has clean, hot showers. For those not wishing to camp, motels are available in the town of Council Grove. Visit for more info on lodging.

For Questions Contact: Jim DeJarnatt at (816) 309-3395,

A flyer for the rally is attached. Directions and a map to the rally site can be found at: 

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Thanks for posting the rally, I have added the event and flyer to our "Sidecar Events" menu on the home page. 

Jerry M

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"I ride because it frees my mind from the tyranny of petty things."

I attended this great rally, the Joyce Canfield's Sidecars in the Flint Hills this past year, in 2022, and was quite impressed by the number of attendees, the location is superb, the camping facilities are excellent, and hey, they even gave me an award for Longest Distance. I guess if you ride from Western Washington to Kansas, they consider that to be a long

Really Nice People that hosted, and attended this event. Last year I brought my "motorcycle", as I was on my way TO the Hannigan Sidecars shop in Murray, Kentucky. If I attend this event this year, I will be entering the sidecar judging contest, as I will be bringing my new rig, the BattleWing Galactica

I highly recommend that every sidecar owner on the planet attend the 2023 Joyce Canfield's Sidecars in the Flint Hills Rally !!!

Some pictures from the 2022 event....



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Two Million Miles, and All 7 Continents

Jane and I have attended all, or nearly all, these rallies since Joyce Canfield became the USCA President.  We've made great friends there, and the Flint Hills of Kansas and Council Grove Reservoir makes the location a beautiful setting.  I want to ride from Council Grove to Cassiday on KS 177 again this year.

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I am looking forward to attending this year since things did not work out last year.



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Christy and I are looking forward to good times again!  Last year was our first time for this rally (new to Ks), had a blast, and looking forward to more good times.

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I'm looking forward to my first rally with my rig. What time will we want to be there to check in for the rally?


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Show up any time on Thursday.  Registration will be open mid afternoon.


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CCjonFlyingMonkeysDavid Bundy

Same here Dana, am planning to try once more with the sidecamper.  

Do they allow more than one camper per site? Won't need electricity or water hook ups.

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We can put 2 motorcycle campers on a site if need be.  Also plenty of room on the grass for tents. In the past the rangers have been pretty adamant about no wheels on the grass.  Motorcycles need to be parked on the hard pack.

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Things are looking good for me and Spat to be attending, is it all right if we pay when we get there?



Yes... You can register & pay onsite, cash or check only.  We are not equipped to do credit cards.

For those of you traveling to Council Grove from the north please be aware that Kansas Highway 177 is closed for road construction between Interstate 70 and Alta Vista, Kansas.  Please make your travel plans accordingly.

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The Sidecar Rally in the Flint Hills of Kansas was LAST week, or more than a week ago, and yet NO ONE has come onto these pages of the forum to tell us how great it was, show us pictures, etc.

Makes one it true that what happens in Kansas stays in Kansas, or....the older saying..."We're not in Kansas anymore" ?

Last year when I attended this great event, hosted by even greater people, I couldn't wait to share and show all the pictures I had from this excellent gathering.

So...Whats up ?

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CCjonThane Lewis
Two Million Miles, and All 7 Continents

In case you didn't know, what happens in Kansas, does not stay in Kansas, but does take a trip through Oz.    Back from Oz, thought I would post Christy and my experience at the 2023 Joyce Canfield Sidecar in the Flint Hills rally we attended earlier in September.

We arrived Thursday, and were greeted by the attendees, and set up our camp in preparation for a few fun days.   We rode into Council Grove for some Mexican Food, then back to camp.   
Friday, after breakfast, we rode out to a Bison (buffalo) Ranch, hopped on some ranch vehicles, and got in the middle of the herd.   One vehicle was staying away from the bison, so a ranch feed truck drove around it dropping feed - no more staying away !    Being that close to that many bison, watching them interact, and not even caring we were there, was a neat experience, as well as learning about the ranch and raising bison.

Hot Dogs for supper, followed by a showing of the movie "the Gods must be Crazy".   a very entertaining film.

Sat, after breakfast, we headed to a local vineyard. where grapes are grown for local wine (wine is distilled in Manhatten, about 60 miles away).    The owner gave a great discussion about the process of obtaining the land, and starting the grapes.   Very informative.    We were not supposed to eat the grapes, but I imagine, if one did eat the grapes, they were very sweet and tasty.

Next was field games, where we played several games, both with and without the monkey.  the Blind Obstacle Course may have been the crowd favorite.   Then back to camp for awards, and the famous chicken and ribs meal, followed by the showing of  "Secondhand Lions" - a great show.

After church Sunday morning, most everybody packed up and headed home, ready. for September for the next rally.

Thanks to all those who attended, and a special thanks to all those involved in setting up and running the rally.  

It was a great time.


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CCjonViajeroDennis PeabodyFlyingMonkeys

Thanks for sharing looks like all had alot of fun.

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Dennis P. Spokane WA USAF Retired 1996 Harley FLHTCUI with Liberty Sidecar

Thanks David, recognize a lot of friendly faces in the dinner shot. Glad you and Christy had a great time there.


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Thanks for the recount and photos.  Sure looks like a great time.  Sorry we missed it.   I would have especially enjoyed the buffalo  🦬

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Lee / Summer Grove, Louisiana: Ural cT, CJ750, Burgman/Texas Ranger, Zuma 50F, MB5, TW200, CRF250L, GTV300