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Joyce Canfield's Sidecars in the Flint Hills: September 8-11, 2022

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I have added a photo album to the website of pics taken by David and Christy Johanson. You can find it in the top menu "Sidecar Events" and then select "2022 Joyce Canfield Flint Hills Rally Photo Album". Or you can just click here to go to it. Photo Album

Click on a picture to enlarge it and start a slide show (3 second display). 

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This was our (Christy and David) first rally in Kansas, having recently become a JayHawk.   So welcoming, so friendly, so much fun.   We met so many people, saw so many rigs, had so many conversations.   Lots of activities to do, from the ride to the train, and of course the games in the rain.  So much food and snacks, and who doesn't love popcorn and a motorcycle movie !  

Thanks so much for all involved in setting up, and managing this rally.  Can't wait to do it again.

David and Christy

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Pictures of some of the rigs at the Flint Hills Sidecar Rally, as I attended it on my way TO Hannigan sidecars, to get my new Gen 3 Dream sidecar installed.


Uploaded files:
  • Hannigan-Finished-Build-006.jpg
  • Hannigan-Finished-Build-007.jpg
  • Hannigan-Finished-Build-008.jpg
  • Hannigan-Finished-Build-009.jpg
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