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You're quick learner.... speed limits apply to auto and sidecarists...

These machines are too much fun to ride fast and miss every moment of the ride. Go slow, stretch out a ride to enjoy more time in the saddle.


Thanks for the photos, good looking rig.

Sorry for not responding to my own musings sooner.  My computer got lost between the repair shop and boss' office for a couple of months and I've just gotten it back.  FWP, I know.

Any way. after returning with the rig from WV, the first outing with it was to the CMA Nebraska State Rally in Lexington, NE.  As far as I know, it was the first time a sidecar has competed in bike games there.  It is of some note, that by myself, I claimed second place in the games for our chapter.  Yes, I had a lot of monkeys in the car to do it, but for one guy on one bike, I call that a win!

Sadly, a week later, I took my wife, Karen, for her first ride in the car to the DQ in town.  I noticed a VERY unpleasant engine knock from the GL650.  Subsequent research and oil inspection showed that the big end of the con-rod was going out and it would require an engine rebuild/transplant to keep the rig running.  not happy.

Yet further research revealed (unsurprisingly) that I completely lack the skills, patience or knowledge base required to perform an engine rebuild and finding a decent engine for a 37 year old bike with a one year production run that would be worth transplanting was asking a lot.

So I parted the bike out.  sigh.  Made $50 on the bike itself when it was done and now I have a Hitchhiker Sidewinder car to attach to my 04 BMW 1150 GS.  I had originally thought that I would eventually need to transplant the car to the BMW and keep the GL as a runabout, but that plan changed in a hurry.

Now my biggest challenge is finding someone local to do the install.  I have a line on just the fellow, but he had to move from his shop at the end of June and hasn't gotten back up and running.  So I wait.  Something I have become fairly good at over the years.

Big box from DMC arrived Monday.  Subframe and parts to go onto the 04 1150 GS.

The big hill at the top of the rollercoaster is being climbed!