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J.R. and Avanell had an accident

Hey all, our USCA Ambassadors, J.R. and Avanell Lewis were involved in a car accident. They are okay, but banged up, bruised, a few broken ribs.

Please send them your prayers and best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Jan Daub

USCA President




Glad to hear they are OK, best wishes for them both for a speedy recovery

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CCjonThane Lewis
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Glad you’re both okay.  👍

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We both got bruises all over. I got 4 cracked  ribs. Avanell got 1 crack rib.  Those seat belts are really mean. Totaled  out our little Kia soul. Going to be on  sick,lame and lazy list for a few weeks. J.R. and Avanell.


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So glad to hear you both are as OK as you are.  Take care and follow your doctors' instructions so you get healed quickly.  We are looking forward to seeing you both in July.

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Praying for speedy recovery.  Please try not to sneeze for the next few weeks.

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I spoke with Avanell this afternoon. They're both pretty banged up, bruised and each have few cracked ribs. They have been told to stay at home and rest for the next three or four weeks.  Their daughters are helping out and things seem to be well in hand. Avanell, although being badly bruised, is feeling well enough to complain about their insurance settlement. When I heard that, I knew that they were going to be alright ;^)



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