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Is this Site Active?


I've looked at this site off an on for a few years. I find no recent posts. Is the site still active?  

My second question is driven by frustration. I've been looking for a rig seriously for a few months.

I see ads for bikes that are years old ( the ads, not the bikes). Why aren't these removed? It is also quite possible that I am not finding the recent ads. If so please accept my apologies. I am not adept at navigating the site. I'm not even sure where to find any replies to these questions



Mandeville LA

Defining "active" in a hyper-niche activity forum is tricky.  Not nearly as active as a couple of other sites I visit, but not dead.

Unfortunately, the usual CL search has become overrrun with BS ads.  Not to drive traffic from this site, but check out the hacks subforum at  

Several of the "inmates" are good a locating links to rigs around the US.  Not all are worth pursuing, but many are at least workable leads.  FWIW, I drove from NE to WV last spring to pick up a rig.  Longish story but I'm getting closer to building a rig with a bike I had before buying the rig.  

 Yes is is slow but you can help with that stick around.  This sight is even hard to find on a search now now days .

If you want to see only what new since you were last on the site, click on activity. Or you can click on "unread topics" to see what you haven't already checked out as well. Good luck with your search.

The site is as active as the users make it.  In the past 14 days we've had a little over 60 posts.  I'd like to see more activity but then I can't make people post.  

As to the old ads.  After much discussion, we've elected to keep the ads up to a point for reference.  A number of folks who are shopping like to see the prices for comparison.  A couple of months ago we purged all the really old stuff, this site has been going for over 15 years.

Hi Folks, 

Thanks for the replies. If I stick around I may actually learn

something though my track record isn't good. 

I'll be lurking and looking. 

Tim Sebastian (Sugarbear)

Mandeville LA 


You need to get in/on whatever transportation you have and go to this rally...

The Uncertain Rendezvous in Uncertain , TX.  If nothing else, you'll see a lot of rigs and meet a bunch of people who are more than willing to talk with you about them.  You may be able to define the PERFECT RIG FOR YOU!

      They have to try to speed up this site, I think then they might get more active. There is times I just give up. Its like riding a old Harley I get there so or later. I just got renew so I give it another year.  

After the changes we made  a month or so ago, our speed numbers are way up.  If you're having an issue with this site but not others, we suggest that you clean out your cache, do a cold restart and find the site by typing in the whole URL.  Many folks who access by going straight to the forum are carrying a lot of old baggage that slows them down.

For reference, our GTmetrix page speed score is 92. We rate "A" in 19 of 23 categories and "B" in the other four.  Our current Fully Loaded Time is 6.8 seconds.  Please note that is not the time to your first ability to use the site, that's shorter. We could be faster and I'd like that but we'd need to spend money for that and the vast majority of the users here are not members of the USCA and therefore do not financially support the site.  Let me emphasize, ALL ARE WELCOME HERE.  We NEVER make any distinction between users and actual members as they use the site.  There is no secret "members only area"  with secret extra content on the site.  We do have a private area for the Board to hold discussions but there's no general interest content there.

If there are any WordPress/Internet geniuses out there who want to offer their services, I would welcome them.