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Is this a typical build practice - hope not !

  My recently acquired 2009 Road King w/Texas sidecar had this aft upper strut assembly on it. Note the threaded bushing was not welded in place - the lower one was.  I do not know any history / # of owners rig has had so I do not want to point fingers anywhere. The front upper strut also has no welding at threaded bushings but they appear to be crimped/swaged in place and show no signs of slippage. Anyone seen similar pieces before?

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Wow that is scary, I can't image anyone knowingly riding the rig with that strut bushing loose like that. Good thing you found it now 

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Did the previous owner offer any information to you on this?

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What you have looks homemade. This is not how Texas sidecars does things. My guess is that whoever built the hardware forgot to weld it.

For what it is worth, we like to put the threaded end on the bottom, so water does not try and run down the threads. Also you will need to make sure that the jam nut is tight as other wise in time the treads could fail.

Jay G
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  CCjon, the previous owner had bought the rig because his wife wanted the R/K - liked the color.  After separating the s/car to be sold - then that sale fell thru and with the R/K having trike forks mod he felt the bike felt "weird" at times.  So I bought it in two pieces and reassembled only to discover loose bushing. Welded same and back together now so a close eye will be kept on connections in the future. 

  And to Jays comments - these pieces have threads on each end; I like the idea of only on lower end - was some rust inside. I cleaned up and greased pieces before reassembly. Tighten - short test ride and tighten again. 

  After having purchased many used 2&3 wheelers over the years this is why I have never felt comfortable enough to do a fly and ride. You never know what awaits you. 

This was my last preowned purchase - still have it - for sale.