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Is Hedingham Sidecars still in business?

Does anyone know if Hedingham Sidecars in the UK is still in business? I have been trying to contact them over the internet and through email. Nothing seems to be going through. I will need to buy an international calling card to try and call their UK number. Before I do that I was wondering if anyone can confirm if the company is still in business so I can save a few bucks if they aren't.

Here is the company's website for reference

Here is their facebook page that hasn't been updated in nearly 8 years

Ask these guys. They're in Woodpecker Court, too. 😉 (Google satellite is cool. LOL)

use Skype with a decent internet connection, than you pay only local tarif.

I contacted Frank Sumner international rep for the Federation of Sidecar Clubs.
his answer "I believe a guy restarted it but it is a one man operation. a good link
for questions would be the Hedingham Owners club
hope this

Thanks for these tips. I will follow them up and see what I can come up with.