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Is a CSC Friendship 1 a good match for a 1500 Goldwing?

Hey guys. First post.


I have a 89 1500 Goldwing. I have a lead on a CSC Friendship 1. Is that heavy enough to go on my wing?  I believe it has tilt but not sure about a brake. Would it have had a brake automatically from the factory? Or was that an option? If it doesn't have a brake would I HAVE to add one?


Thanks for any input.

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Calvin, welcome to 

Weight wise, the CSC Friendship is good match for the GW 1500.  Ran a GW 1500 with a similar sidecar, the Champion Escort. Similar in size, weight, no SC brake, no problem with it riding through all 48 states.

Re sidecar brakes, they are nice to have, not mandatory on the Wing. No sidecar brake is better than a poorly synchronized one. Have had several rigs where hitting the brake pedal for the sidecar caused the rig to swerve sharply to the right. SC brake was not properly proportioned with the bike's brakes.

Check the sidecar frame for pitting rust, damage or twisting. 

p.s. you can also run a car tire on the stock rear 1500 wheel. 

Good luck with your build.


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Thanks for the reply.


Ya. I've been wanting to go darkside on the wing. But I just got it recently. Needed/needs work. I just put Dunlop E4's on it. They don't have 500 miles on them. Maybe next time I'll do the car tire,,,lol.

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