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Tire wear in the center will go up front and rear with a sidecar. just a fact of life. 

I have the Hannigan  4 1/2 degree rake. Had 6 degree on the 2017.

Car tire on rear give a lot more mileage and better traction in wet weather.

What I do not want to end up with is that front end up in the air look.

What size/brand tire do you run on back?

Quote from David Bundy on April 12, 2023, 10:50 am

What size/brand tire do you run on back?

2020 RGL comes with 18 inch wheels front and rear . No 18 inch wheel will fit a car tire. So I use a 16 inch in the rear and a 195/65R16 car tire.

It comes out to the same height as a 180/55-18 and is about 6 tenths of an inch wider. Use a couple brands just depending on when I order one.

I am putting a new rear tire on April 18 th.  Getting ready for Shark Week.

I wish HD had stayed with the 17 front and 16 rear they use on RG for a good bit. They hold up to pot holes much better.

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