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Interim President to Fill Joyce's Unexpired Term

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I thought the shock of Al being elected President was too much for the website to handle.
Congradulations Al. I am looking forward to good

Fly - LOL..
California had an earthquake about that time too. 🙂 I think that is a good sign for Al. A little earth shaking energy, then the dust settles and everything gets fixed.
Congratulations to Al.

Thanks to all of you for trusting me to help guide the club. I can assure you that while I don't have Joyce's incredible memory, I will act with great respect for the USCA's rules, history and traditions. There are no Presidential Decrees in the USCA. We act through the majority agreement of the BOD with the highest regard for the input of the membership.

If I am successful, at the end of my term next summer, we will have at least two candidates who are anxious to run for the office to replace me. I look on that as a good thing ;^)

If you are interested in knowing what the Board is talking about our By Laws state [I'll paraphrase here] "that any member in good standing may "attend" a Board meeting by making a written request in advance". That was written a long time ago, when our Board met once a year at the rally and face to face. Since our Board meeting is now "virtual" and asynchronous, being conducted as a forum on the website, you can apply to "observe". We can't have everyone posting as that would lead to chaos but you can certainly "listen in". You can then send your input to your Regional Director or any of the other officers. To apply, send your request to Remember, you must be a member in good standing to be allowed to observe.

You can also write directly to me at since the new email hasn't yet been set-up. I'd love to hear your ideas to make the USCA a better club for everyone.

We are looking forward to you being boss. I have full faith in your ability to get things done. Let's get the club running again like it is supposed to be. Hopefully all the BOD voted for you. Thanks again. J.R. Tex Rep

Thanks J.R. but I'm not the "Boss". If I'm doing the job right, I'll just be keeping things on a positive track. The BOD and the membership are the folks who really run things. Heck, I don't even get a vote unless there's a tie. ;^)

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