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Our rig is currently insured with Hagerty, who does not cover any hack that didn't come on the bike from the factory. It covers the bike but not the hack.

Who do y'all insure you rigs with?

Many thanks.

 Sidecar is an accessory . When you talk with Insurance company you insure it as an accessory at an agreed value.  It is no big deal.

GEICO now had progressive a good while then out of no where they nearly doubled my rates on all 3 bikes dropped them that day went to GEICO.

Hagerty is the kind of place you insure custom stuff or collector  items at agreed value others will not insure. 

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Thane LewisJoana Davidson

My rigs are insured with Progressive. They offered the best rates in our area last year. Rates can vary by state for each company, depending on how much exposure they want that year.

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smitty901Joana Davidson

We are with Auto Owners. Our agent asked what value to put on it. I said I couldn’t replace it for under $X and that’s how it’s insured. And, yes, the car is an accessory with given value. 

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I went out on the limb and gamble for the last 40 plus years. The way I look at it the last two rigs didn't coat me anything. I did talk to Hagerty one year and they would insure my 82 Harley rig for 35K for $350 which I didn't think that was bad. As far as Progressive goes around here you can't beat them. Years back I received an increase that shocked me, one phone call to them and they straighten it all out to my surprise.  Every wreck that came in here that had Progressive, they were more then fair. 

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Progressive offers the best rates. My rigs are now almost two years insured by Progressive.

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       Because it is insured as an accessory you set a value. The insurer will either agree or disagree with your value. If they think it is to much they will Charge accordingly or refuse your value.

   I look at it like this. Say total cost to do the rig was 12K. Adding 12K to value is going to cost you. I get $3,000 in accessory coverage with my base price. I let it go at that and take my chances. Now if The bike is one I have also spent some cash on with personal mods then I will add coverage. But no always at 100%.


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CCjonJoana Davidson

Sounds like I need to contact Progressive. We also have a '49 Suburban insured with Hagerty, which affects overall cost. The insurer for our daily drivers wouldn't insure the Burb.

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