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Installing a side door on a Hannigan SP 2 sidecar?

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Thanks for all the suggestions and support. As of now, I have extended the clam shell opening with paracord and installed a raised floor that is level with the seat. The whole thing is carpeted and easily removable.  This seems to have made it a lot easier for the older dog to get in and out. They both did very well in Daytona for our stint during bike week. I am also planning to add a chrome grab bar to the right side of the car to make it easier for my wife to get in and out of the seat.  As of now, not seeing a new sidecar in the budget for a long while. Thanks again

Have you thought of installing a self baler from a yatch to drain water out of the chair?

You can open and close at will, and when open the water is sucked out by the movement of the yatch, but in a chair it just drains to the road as you move along.

They can be locked shut


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Or a big round cork like most old school wooden lifeboats had!

Yes I can see that would workalos, but one advantage of tecknology is that the bailer does not allow wind to enter which may be a benefit of the occupants of the chair.

I chose to drill 4, 1/4 inch weep holes in my rig, 2 in front, and 2 in back so any water that gets in will find it's way out regardless of how your parked.

Works well!

I decided to go to a small shop that does vehicle restoration. Between the 2 of us we came up with a design and install that maintained the integrity of the side car structure with metal reinforcement coated with several layers of fiberglass. Works really well. American ingenuity  is not dead.  It is alive and well and living in smaller craft shops with individuals who are willing to try new designs. The door works, fits snug and lets the older dog to continue riding. If you want pics I can post.  Thanks 

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