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Indian Spirit

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That is a nice looking rig for sure

Dave, the new Ranger he HAD is the one on my 2014 Heritage. Doug is a real guru with trikes and sidecars and he did a amazing job with the install on my bike. I wish he had another, but he doesn't and he is keeping a eye out for one for me also. If i can find a good used one he will be the installer for sure. Thanks, Dan PS i am still looking if anyone knows of one.

Great news for you Dan, and great for Doug too. he was trying to sell me that sidecar for about 6 months. LOL (only reason not is cause my girlfriend wanted one that opened forward to be easier to get into)

Hannigan makes a really nice setup for the Indian. I've seen a couple of them at rallies. Beautiful rigs.


2011 R1200GS + EML CT2001

YES, they are, but over my budget.

I know I am late to this discussion as I have been out of town at the national BMW rally. We have had to do some major rework (ok scrapped pretty much every thing) from the company that does these in Florida. I recommend like with any thing that is expensive you check with the BBB before spending your money.
I know this is also over your budget but you might also consider a new Indian Scout with one of our Tomahawk, Tomahawk SE or even the classic sidecar. We have shipped one Classic for the Scout so far at only $4495 with all the needed mounting hardware you would not be all the far over your budgeted amount.
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