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Indian Spirit

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OK, all you sidecar guru's, i am seriously thinking of possibly having a sidecar put on a 2003 Indian spirit. I have not purchased either the bike or a sidecar yet, bur was wondering if any of you have and what do you think about the idea. I am a Harley guy, but my wife likes the look of the Indian and you all know what that means. There is a company down in Miami that sells the bikes and sidecars attached with two tone matching paint for about $12,000 out the door, you can see them on Craigslist. I would like any feedback about the idea from you and please do not be afraid to tell me if it's a bad idea or whatever. Thanks, Dan

do you have a craigslist link to it? I'd like to see.

as to your idea, it's not bad at all. you just want to be sure to use the "right" sidecar for the job. Have you thought about what type of sidecar to attach?

Welcome to the slightly off-center world of Sidecars, Dan!

Check out the offerings at too. Jay builds a sidecar specifically targeted at Indian bikes, they really complement the look.

I have seen those on eBay a couple of times. I'm not sure but it looks like they use a Cozy or Inder style sidecar. If it is one of those sidecars I think it would be too light for that bike. Good luck.

Please post a link and get some input before you put down your money. There are folks out there who are building seriously unsafe rigs and selling them cheaply. How much does an Indian Spirit cost?

The cost would be somewhere between $5000 and $7500 naturally depending on accessories, mileage and condition. For the link to the sidecars i was mentioning, you would go to Craigslist Miami, Fl. and type in sidecars and it should pop right up. I talked to them and they did mention they do not use bike specific mounts, but universal mounts which does scare me a little. I have not talked to DMC and see if they even have mounts for a Spirit, but i am just trying to get prepared all together first. Worst case scenario is i will just keep looking for a good used sidecar to fit on my 2002 Harley heritage but i am not having any luck with that either. My biggest problem is i do not want to spend more money on the sidecar than my bike is worth, about $6000. After you buy a new rig, get it painted and get the mounts, front end raked and have it installed you are into serious money. So the quest goes on.

Your Miami CL doesn't show any Indians and few sidecars. I think it might be sold or something. I had a 2004 Heritage I was thinking of putting a hack on, but didn't. It was the 'good' bike and I decided to hack the 'beater' bike until at least I knew if I would like it.

I guess all I got to say is, get a heavier sidecar. Something like a Velorex 562 is too light for the little bike, putting that on the Heritage would be like having one training wheel.

Oh, and that year Indian is NOT the Polaris Indian. Just so you know, it is not supported by any current manufacturer. The current models started in 2014. 🙂

ncdave - 7/20/2017 11:41 AM
... keep in mind that sidecars are not for the faint of wallet. lol

Well stated Dave, you need to add that to the Random Quotes page!

I thank all of you for your responses and i think i will pass on buying the Indian Spirit with the sidecar. I already own a 2014 Harley Heritage with a Texas Ranger sidecar attached and am quite fond of it, but the better half is bugging me about one for her or she will ride the one we already have and i can look for another. I guess i will have to be patient and if a good used one pops up, just try to be the first there with the cash. One more question for all of you, how do you feel about the original Harley sidecars made back in the 80's and would they be OK to mount on my 2002 Heritage and would i be able to get bike specific mounts for them as there are a few of them out there on Craigslist for a decent price? I also realize the raked front end is a extra that is needed and having it professionally installed is another cost to add, but well worth it. I will be attending the meet in Corning next weekend and i will talk to a few people out there and see what goes from there, maybe someone will know of one for sale. Thanks to you all, Dan

A person on here named Fuzzybeard put a TLE sidecar on a softail. If you search for his threads you should be able to find some information about how he did it. Harley sidecar mounts are bolt-on for touring bike frames but not softails. Another thing to think about is the Harley sidecar has a rigid mounted wheel. It may not ride as nice as your Texas sidecar. There is a picture of fuzzybeard's rig here:

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