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Indian Roadmaster as a tug, any experience or thoughts?

Thinking of buying an Indian Roadmaster to use as a tug. Wondering if anyone has experience using it as a Tug? Any thoughts or experience appreciated. Also, how might it compare to a Goldwing as a Tug? Pics welcome. Thanks in advance for sharing.

While I have never owned a Roadmaster I was able to spend several days riding a Vintage which is fairly similar. It worked well as a sidecar bike. On our site are three video's the first tells you about us, the next two are the entire installation process to install one of our Tomahawk SE sidecars onto a Road master.
Jay G
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I think first time you will push Indian Roadmaster back from parking space by hand you will like Goldwing as a Tug.

Remember the one at the Sidecars in the smokies rally, it is the first picture you posted about the rally
I spoke with the owner of that rig for a while and he loves his, he told me there is a bit of heat but not as bad as the HD can generate. said it is a great tug and rides very nice