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Indian motorcycle world record ride

This one isn't exclusively sidecars, but I have noticed several Indian owners here.

The Spartan chapter of the Indian Motorcycle Riders Group is attempting to break the world record for most Indian motorcycles in a ride. I'd personally be pleased of there was a significant amount of them sporting sidecars.

The event is Saturday, June 22 2019, at Stoney Creek Metropark, near Detroit, Michigan. See or email for details.

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Just reinforcing, this is going well. Over 200 pre-registered and I'm optimistic about breaking the record, but we can use all the Indian Motorcycles we can get! I've had confirmation that some sidecar rigs will be participating, but no one thought to question on the registration form whether the entrant had 2 or 3 wheels. We don't discriminate, all are welcome, but it might be nice info. Unfortunately I have no way of knowing unless the owner actually calls or emails, and tells me. Which has happened, so there will be sidecars (yay!) but not sure how many.

Come join us for some fun! Non-Indian riders are welcome to join for the food, movie, and other fun, but obviously won't be able to participate in the record for the longest parade of Indian motorcycles.