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Inder Sidecar for 250cc scooter


Hi all
So I have this 250cc scooter and I was thinking about throwing a small sidecar on it. I am looking (online) at Inder and Cozy. The Inders are cheaper in price. Has anybody here actually seen one, ridden with one, etc. Can you tell me anything about quality?
FYI the picture is from the Inder website

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Hello senorcosta

Don't know if this will help but I'll put it out there anyway. I currently have an Enfield G5 with Kozy Rocket. Started out trying to put an Inder on it. The following were posted on the "Classic Motorworks Forum" Read Royal Enfield.

Was in the process of hooking an Inder Retro to my G5 when we discovered it was shipped without all the parts. The seller had a very slightly used Kozi Rocket he let me have for what the Inder would have cost. Had the chance to compare the two sitting side by side. There IS a difference. Believe I pointed out some of them in the thread labeled "HELP"

Some notes:

1. The car was not completly assembled when I took it home. Running out of time and had to get back and just could not drive off and leave it.

2. Started to put the Inder Retro Royal together and found out some parts were missing! The hub appeared to be made to take a brake (?). There was no way to close in the back side. Spindle was exposed. Did not look good. Waiting for parts from Inder might take a while. He had on hand a Kozi Rocket that had been mounted on a Triumph. When the deal fell through he took the car off and sold the bike. Offered it to me for the same price as the Inder. Thought it was a good deal and took it. Technically used but less than 20 miles on it.

3. Comparing Inder to Kozi. There does seem to be a difference, at least in these two. Overall metal gauge, etc. seemed real close. But, the fittings (badges, etc.) on the Inder were poor. Both had scuffed paint from shipping damage. Mounting hardware seemed to be interchangable. Upholstery on Kozi was better.

4. The man done me good. He worked about eight hours putting it together and did not charge me anything. Can't see how he can make a living at it but I'm happy.

5. He test drove it four times with me in the car and made adjustments. Turned it over to me and I immediately drove it into a telephone pole at about three miles per hour. Remeasured everything and set it up again. A very patient fellow.

6. Don't try to ride it!! Now I have to learn how to drive a motorcycle.

More later if anyone gives a care....


If you are considering buying it from RK sidecars also known as safer whole sale read the posts elsewhere on this forum. Do not expect either sidecar to come with hardware that is anything more then a poor starting point and expect no technical support. You get what you pay for. With that said there really are not a lot of options out there for smaller scooters. We can not help with this, just not an area we have done much with.
Jay G
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Jay is 100% right about the Inder. Cozy, Kozi or however they spell it is a step up and worth the small extra cost. If you do buy, please consider the USCA's supporting advertiser, Cycle Sidecar. They specialize in these smaller sidecars and appear to know what they are doing. The company is in Faribault, MN [I believe]. the website is

Good luck.

Sorry, I forgot about My dealings with them have lead me to believe that they are a very reputable company.
Jay G
DMC sidecars

Jay G DMC sidecars 15616 Carbonado South Prairie RD Buckley WA 98321 866-638-1793 Hours Monday - Thursday 6-4:30

Al, it's not a small cost. The Cozy (as per is about $1500 more than the Inder.

I have a variation of the Inder which I have installed on my Nomad. According to the person I bought it from, it's a "stronger" frame version of the standard Inder, built to this guy's specs, which included thicker pipe walls. the frame of the rig, in general is holding up well. the weak points are the mounting with "universal" mounts. I have added a rear pinch tube and 70 degree arm to strengthen that mount point. the swingarm and axle are weak points as well. they might be ok for something as small as a scooter, but not on a big rig. I am replacing the swingarm completely from the pivot axle to the axle for the wheel. I'd be happy to give you details of my adventure if you are interested.

Personally, I would only recommend this avenue if you are willing to work on/correct any weak points you run into. it's definitely a low end sidecar.

You're right, $1,500 is a lot when you are talking about a small sidecar. If you are trying to save money, look into a used sidecar. They do come up for sale. A used Tompson Cyclecar or one of the small Texas Sidecars would work. Maybe an old Velorex would work. In any event, if you buy a really cheap sidecar you will spend a lot to correct it's problems and you could run into major frustrations. If you buy one of the Safer/RP sidecars you will be really disappointed. Everyone I've spoken with who had those sidecars has had trouble. Most sidecar shops will not even mount them.

There is talk that there are Inders and then there are Inders. Meaning that some are built to higher standard. I've heard this several times but I have yet to see it. Dealers who say that they have Inders built to their own spec can't seem to back it up.

I hate to say this but if you only have $1,500 to buy a new sidecar either wait for a used one or wait to save some more money. Don't risk having an unsafe rig or a major frustration.

Just one more thing. Are you planning to put a person in the sidecar? These are VERY small sidecars and many teens or adults won't fit.

Did you say what scooter you planned to use? we know it's 250cc but what make? That could make a big difference.

I really hope you are successful. We'd like you to to enjoy sidecaring.

Thanks NC Dave and Al. Good advice. Actually, I don't plan on putting anyone in it other than maybe my dog....and groceries 🙂 I just got a spec sheet from Inder on the new models. Lets see if it will let me upload it here.
Yup. Take a look at these and tell me what you think

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BEEMER@SPEC.pdf (860.8 KB)  EURO@SPECIFICATION copy.pdf (1.1 MB)  ROCKET@SPECIFICATION copy.pdf (1.5 MB) 

A couple of scooter/Rocket rigs

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