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Incorrect voting procedure by USCA Board

Holy Cow! I'm new to USCA (not new to riding by a long shot) and this thread can only make me wonder what have I gotten in to. I sure met some very nice and kind hearted folks at the rally in Stevenson. At least they didn't seem like people who would be feuding and infighting to the detremtent of their club. Reminds me of what has been going on in the Washington UMCI for the last five or so years. That group has lost their innocence and the days of large rallies and spontaneous fun seem to have faded into history. At least for now....

I know what you mean but don't forget...Those neat folks you met at Stevenson are sidecarists and the USCA is the club many of them belong to. Those folks and yourself ARE the USCA. This club has been around for a lot of years and is still the premier sidecar club in America. For most it is about fun and sidecars. As you know The USCA offers a nice bi-monthly newsletter and ,yes, there will be another fun National Rally somewhere in thsi country in 2006.In addition to that this site will be a place for us all to ask questions, joke around and enjoy one another's company. In addition to all of that this 'mini series' that is in progress may or may not continue but if it does at least we can wonder who will do what next. sTAY TUNED ..SAME PLACE SAME STATION 🙂
What more could a person ask for?

There will always be a very strong vocal minority, a few who will always put personal agendas before the good of any association. The vast majority are fun loving guys and gals who just want to meet and greet other of like persuasion. Just glance over the bi-monthly Sidecarist which has come out without fail since the late 1970s. Only a few issues missed.

The intent when I and my cofounders, Ed Johnson and Terry Strassenburg started the USA was to form an organization to provide a safe environment to train those who wanted to pilot sidecars safely and to protect the rights of sidecarists and to provide a venue to enjoy sidecaring together as we were the outcasts and were rebuffed by the American Motorcycliclist Association and the Motorcycle Safety Foundation and virtually no one wanted to know us.

Over the years we have had some marvellous rallies, up over 350 sidecarists at an event, and well over 2000 active sidecarists at our peak. Now, while sidecaring is not as popular and numbers are down a little we are still the number one sidecar group. At the grass roots level it is still have fun, kick tires and enjoy. Alas, at the upper levels it is the task to rule. And with ruling sometimes the pressure pinches and sometimes there are some squalls. But you the member have requested that you want to know what is going on and be privy to the squabbles, which are present in every family and every company and organization, and that you do not want for us to carry on our business behind closed doors and in secret.

So be very careful what it is that you wish for - whether a smiling face that carries a dagger in a clenched hand that you cannot see, or an open and frank discussusion that you are invited to attend or not to attend if you are offended by frank discussion. By the way, there has never been any hint of fiscal irrisponsibility in the USCA since its creation but many biker associations cannot make that same claim!

For our part, I will apologise for the somewhat boorish behavior expresssed by some of the USCA BOD and former BOD members, and trust that those who are being obstructionists will see how unpleasant this is for all the membership. Hopefully, they will put aside their individual agendas and at least, for the time being, turn their attention to what is best to get the USCA off and running as the best sidecar group in the USA. There is no limit to what we as a group can achieve just as soon as we can put the "I" last and put the "USCA" first, and forget who should get the glory. Unfortunately, it seems too many are still concerned with who got what glory and when. Well, the good is oft interred with the bones.

We have been given a fresh start. Let's make the most of it - for the good of the members.

Hal Kendall, Co-Founder, USCA.

I want the board meetings conducted in the proper business manner. Not a running vote that can be carriered on for days. No one called a board meeting, no one brought any motions to the floor. Ask your self how Al Olme gave Jay the 05 national rally with out a board vote, how Jay ran ads for his business for a year in the sidecarist and had the banner on the web site with out paying for them.
I will make you all happy, you included Claude, who runns his mouth but refuses to run for an office. I here by resign as Vice president,with only 130 odd people bothering to vote, it is very apearent that most of the membership doesn't give a shit, and it is not worth the agervation to work with so many two faced people.
My fondest wish is that you all get exactly what you deserve.
Colby M Cousineau

And I bet you'll be happier too Colby. Best wishes with the racing. Tony showed up after a sort of a vacation detour to some island.
'Ol mouth runnin' Claude 🙂

Colby: What we do not want is an obstructionist who just cannot see the forrest for the trees, or is it the other way around. No matter, it becomes extremely destructive in the long run no matter how well intentended to keep bickering over petty details of little consequence. Still, have fun, enjoy, wish you well in your endeavors. And for goodness sake, try to lighten up a bit. Life will taste all the sweeter.

Hal Kendall, Co-Founder, USCA

Last March I posted the following in message #6733

"I need to add, or rather clarify something about Jay's advertisement on the original website. Jay's ad was on a cycling banner that was designed to show six or seven separate ads. Each time you clicked on a new message or page it would show the next photo ad. Alongside of it was something to the effect of "Click here to help sponsor our new site" or something similar. I don't remember the exact words. When anyone clicked there it would open a blank email message addressed to me with "Advertising" in the subject line. In the time I was webmaster I received four requests for information. Three from Adult Dating Services that I felt were inappropriate for a family site and the fourth from a Canadian Installer who only wanted to pay to have his name added to the list of Installers. His information was added at no charge, just as we didn't charge anyone else. Jay's ad repeated because there were no other ads to cycle through. If you want to blame someone for that ad appearing on each page, blame me! I had hoped it would encourage others to offer their own ads."

Once again, I ran the ad, no one else did and no one else told me to run it.

Mike, I have told you privately and will say it again publicly. If not for your volunteerism we wouldn't even have this web site. Thank you! The advertising thing was not your fault and it has been resolved to most of the previous Board's satisfaction. Some will just not let it go. We really appreciate all you have done.Hope you have a check book handy to renew your membership, we need members like you.

Holy Cow, Tom!!!

What always makes this fun is that the majority of the people that get into these arguments are really a very few of the people involved in the USCA. Count the individual names on this thread and you will see.

Most of the membership doesn't give one big hoot about what happens here. So don't take it seriously.....I just got on this thread and I'm laughing MAO. It's really entertaining.

The USCA is a fun group. The funnest I have ever been associated with and I have been around a long time. Stick with us.

This is just a sidebar.. a fire that is going out. I know, it doesn't look like it, but it is.

Another Tom

I'd vote for that. How about calling it "P******g in the Wind?