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Incorrect voting procedure by USCA Board


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User Profile Subject : Safety Manual Offer- New Vote 7-5-05
Posted : 7/5/2005 11:30 AM
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This is a revote to accept the offer from Hal Kendall to supply cd's of his safety manual.

What I have learned.
1. After you type yes or no in the option box , put a number or your name . If you just type yes or no your vote will not have your name by it, unless you are the first to use that option.

2. You can only vote once.

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User Profile Subject : RE: Safety Manual Offer- New Vote 7-5-05
Posted : 7/5/2005 7:23 PM
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I hope this is just being floated as an opinion poll, because this vote has no validity unless it is taken in a properly called Board of Directors meeting. Prior to John Kennedy’s administration, there was not an official board for the preceding 12 months. As a legally incorporated corporation of the state of Illinois, we are legally bound to conduct business as directed in the USCA Constitution and bylaws. If there are any thoughts of doing otherwise, I will tell you now that I will file a protest with the corporate dept. of the state of Illinois.
Colby M Cousineau, Vice President USCA

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According to Roberts Rules Part II Section 70

"The meetings of different societies vary greatly, and they should be managed differently in order to obtain the best results. Some societies require a strict enforcement of parliamentary rules, while with others the best results will be obtained by being informal. It is important that the presiding officer have tact and common sense, especially with a very intelligent assembly."

We will be meeting in this format. You may participate or not as you choose.

Dad Gum it the people on the board are the same people voting as they would whether the format is this way or that way or whatever. If the votes are visable for all too see what does it matter? The constitutuion is something that is susposed to be a help FOR members of the USCA and not a hinderance. Lets move forward and not start this silly bickering that was so evident last year over a document that doesn't make sense anyhow!!
Why not have a vote on how to vote right now and quench this questionable legalistic junk so this club can move on.How many board members feel this system will work th ebest for the club?

I really think we have a group of very intelligent people both as members and on the Board. They are scattered across the US with different work and internet habits. If someone felt strongly enough about the USCA to run for office they should have a chance to participate. These meeting should be open for all to see, to know what we are doing. We will get the polls figured out. They are a little different from the Yahoo polls but I know we can make it work. If necessary a vote on how to vote can be done. Board what do you say?

Oh, but would a vote on how to vote be a legitimate vote? It is a vicious circle.

the honeymoon is over and the pissing contests have begun again. this should be called the USCA Elementary School playground. as Pogo says " i have seen the enemy and it is us."

Okay we have just had an election and I agree with Joyce in that there are some great folks on the board. I also feel they will be able to work together for the benefit of the ones who elected them. about it board members you all going to speak up and get this bickering quenched right away or are we going to have to listen to another year of 'As the sidecar wheel turns'?

Seriously, I have an idea. (And everyone said.."oh no what now")
How about going ahead and having the polls just as it is being done. Then call an official bored meeting and simply ask the question of which board members want to change how they voted in the poll on (insert the issue here). State in the board meeting that if they do not speak up then their original response in the (whatever it was) poll will stand.
Maybe, just maybe, this is simple enough to make Colby happy and still be within whatever dumb guidelines are alledgedly setup while allowing some progress to be made in an effecient manner.
Or do I have to contact my area rep to allow him to bring this up in a bored meeting which needs to be called in a scheduled fashion or what?
Thank you for your time.
USCA National Chaplain (until he is told differently anyhow)

A vote by the Board on how to vote would also not be valid. The constitution and the bylaws prescribe how the voting will be done! If the majority of the board wants to change the constitution, then there is also a prescribed method on how to do that.
Fly, there is no pissing contest, only a right way and a wrong way to adiminister club BUSINESS, it has to be done according to the chartered corporate policys of the state of Illinois. If the majority of the Board doesn't like that, then there avanues to change that also.
I will insist on following the Constitution and bylaws, that is all I have ever done, and if you think that is a pissing contest, so be it.

Lets see, what are we being threatened with here. A letter to the Illinois State Corporate Dept. I suggest Colby,that you write your letter and maybe they can straighten this out for us. In the mean time if there is sufficient support we will include Hals cd offer in the membership packet. If it is determined by the State of Illinois Corporate Dept that we are in error we can just recall the coupons. How about that for a good solution?

A suggestion from an "Un-bored member":
How about including a disclaimer with the membership package in regards to any damages or injuries that could occur from following the procedures outlined in the text of the book?