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I'm a noob and I want to build a sidecar

Posting this for a guy who wrote in via the contact page...


Subject: Side Car

I am absolutely new to sidecars but due to numerous back issues I decided to explore the idea.

I have a 2009 Ultra Classic and a 2010 Road King Classic.  My issue is, after numerous hours of searching, I cant find any type of info on frames, cars etc. I have the ability to make a frame but again can’t find plans of any sorts.

I am also striking out on attach fittings for the new style Harley frame.

Am I chasing a lost cause or is the information out there somewhere? I’m big on doing it correctly and I’m about to go look at an old Harley sidecar tub I would like to refurbish.

Any info or direction you can point me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.

Mark Verkuilen

Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota

Do it your self build from ground up first timeout is ambitious.  You will need to learn a lot about sidecars before you even start. It is not rock science but it is sidecar science and you wil need to understand it.


We offer DYI frame kits, mounts specific to your bike. Sidecars, sidecar frames and parts for fabrication of your own project. Florida sidecar products offers "plans" that are essentially more or less a copy of one of our simpler sidecar fames. We do not offer plans. With our DYI frame kit we weld the swing arm for you in a jig so that it is square, every thing else is pre fitted for you to weld.

We make proper bike specific mounts for both of your bikes, these mounts fit 2009-2012 only. Newer or older bikes take different hardware which we also make.

We also offer a sidecar called the classic which is similar to an older Harley sidecar

Most but not all of our products can be seen on our web site

Jay G
DMC sidecars



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