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Idaho State Rep

Dick Bullock has tendered his resignation as Idaho State Rep as well as resigning as rally chair for the First Ever NW Regional Rally 2007.

Billie Leonard has volunteered to take over both those positions.

Her contact info is:
Billie Leonard
Conecrest Rd, Rathdrum, Idaho 83858. Her email address is

Please join me in welcoming Billie as the new Idaho State Rep and in thanking Dick for a job well done and for getting the ball rolling for the NW Regional Sidecar Rally!

Welcome aboard Billie

Welcome Billie

Indeed a big thanks to Dick for his vision of a NW Regional Rally. It should inspire others who wish for a sidecar event in their area.

Thanks to Billie for jumping in. We really appreciate your efforts and look forward to hearing from Idaho a lot.

Billie brings a lot of experience and expertise to our NW rally organization efforts. Idaho and the NW region will benefit. Thanks to Dick for getting this thing rolling, thanks to Billie for keeping things going. We're in for a great time this June!

Welcome as our new Idaho Rep. Billie.
We're in the process of moving our sidecar business to Boise this winter.
Not exactly next door but we'll be the only kids on the block.
Lot's of great riding between there and the '07 Rally site.

Lonnie & Judy Cook
Northwest Sidecars
10050 W. Idlewood
Boise, ID 83709
Temp. Ph. (425)327-5623

Welcome Billie 🙂
See you at the rally!
CA Rep