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I Missed You Guys ....

OK, I’m back!

Was going nuts after I sold the R12. Haven’t ridden for about a year. So I changed things up a bit.
After forty years of riding BMW’s I have bought a Indian Vintage Chief. Will get it hacked soon.

Been “riding” on four wheels; but soon back on three! Check out the travels:

Welcome back to the offset world of three wheels. After you try three, two is boring.

I took your recommendation and bought the SONY RX10 III. Absolutely love it. Am very pleased with the photos it captures for the books and blog.

Thanks for the return greeting!

You know as a photographer I was very interested in the Nikon D850; however since I sold all my Nikon glass, think I am fine with my RX10.
Reality is no one buys much in the way of prints and the Sony can print a very good 16x20. Video is outstanding in 4K.
Here is a film shot on the Sony:

Envious of your Africa trip. Love the black and white images!

Karl, enjoyed the Amish images you captured. Brought back memories of activities I saw in Ohio/Penn area.

Hannigan in Kentucky makes a very nice sidecar that matches the Indian look.


Welcome back! We have done a lot of Indian sidecars using our Tomahawk and Tomahawk SE sidecars. At this link are three video's the first tells you about us, the next two show the entire installation process for a Tomahawk SE onto a Roadmaster. The Vintage takes the same hardware we have done enough of these that if you tell me the color of your bike I should be able to send you a photo of what it will look like done.
Jay G
DMC sidecars

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Jay G DMC sidecars 15616 Carbonado South Prairie RD Buckley WA 98321 866-638-1793 Hours Monday - Thursday 6-4:30

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IfI get my Indian hacked, I'm probably going with Jay at DMC. PM me if you want details, but Hannigan was on the short list, also.

I agree, Jay, you guys at DMC make a beautiful hack. Went with Hannigan simply because they are closer. Although they did say they wouldn’t pick me up at the airport - a whopping 30 minutes away!

Jay, the turquoise and cream is the best looking rig I have seen in ages. Blue and cream is pretty sharp also.