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I have bought a new ural since I registered, do I need to update

do I need to update my registration to show my new bike. The old one was a 2011 gear-up
the new one is 2014 T.

You can if you want. There is not anything said you have to. I would like to here how you like the new Rig. I am thinking of moving up to maybe a 2015 ct.

I just finished racking up the first 1000km on it. I love the fuel economy (32 vs 26mpg) The fuel injection is a little touchy
when starting off the line very slowly. (940 to 2000rmp then it smooths out just fine. It cruises very nicely at 70mph.
enough can't be said about the stopping power of all wheel disk brakes. I am looking forward to my trip to Sturgis

How many miles(kilometers) did you have on your 2011 gear-up.

I think you need new calculator, I get 37 mpg on2013 tourist. You no the kilometer are way off on the Ural's ? I use .672 x km to get miles. If you use.6 x km your by about 10% in that area. I use my GPS it has gas meter in miles. Good luck with the new rig.

There is no need to update your registration unless you just need to brag about the new rig