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I finally made it home from Beaver, AR

I had a minor accident while leaving the 28th National Rally and I was lucky I had a spare sidecar wheel that my wife sent me to the Island Motel & Resort by UPS overnight delivery.The purpose of this post is to thank everybody who helped me move my rig from the Beaver's bridge to my motel room in Holiday Island. The trailering was performed with the help of Elmer Sveda's truck and trailer and other sidecarists. A great thank you to:ALLEN SCHULTZ (Wisconsin)JIM KRAUTZ (Colorado) RON CANFIELD (Missouri)ELMER SVEDA (Arkansas) THE FOOD VENDOR (at the campground)TREVOR QUICK (Great Britain)OTHERS????Considering my excitement at the time and after the accident..I may have forgotten other nice people that offered their help. A big thank you to them too!!!On Tuesday morning (at the motel)I received the visit of Avanell and JR Lewis who offered to take me out for breakfast. A nice thought. Thank you Avanell and JR.I should be able to repair my EZS aluminum wheel by replacing its outside rim as this type of wheel is made of a central wheel core with two rims bolted on it.I enjoyed very much our 28th Rally and the beauty of that area of the Ozarks. Hope to see you soon and...Sidecarists are GREAT people.By the way, I left Holiday Island, AR at 6:00 A.M. of Wednesday morning and arrived in Minneapolis at 6:30 P.M. The trip was pleasant except for the "heat" that must have reached 100 degrees in the area of Kansas City, MO.Thank you again!!Piero BassiMinneapolis, Minnesota