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HVAC for a sidecar

I put the HVAC into the subject line to get some reaction and hopefully some input as well. I am a new sidecar cyclist. I have a Honda Goldwing with a Champion Daytona 2+2 sidecar attached. My wife loves this rig and we have put about 6,000 miles on the rig since we took delivery of it in mid-September 2014. I know most folks are not even concerned about anything remotely connected to "HVAC" in a sidecar, but my wife is. The Champion rig has flow through ventilation that works great when traveling on the highway, but the black canvas top and black interior heat up instantly when we are in traffic. On one trip to Moab, UT, we stopped at an auto parts store to purchase a 12 volt fan that plugs into the cigarette lighter. That was a big help. Now that it is winter and the rig is not getting a whole lot of use, I would like to explore putting some kind of permanent fan unit into the sidecar. Has anyone done any mods like this?

I have seen AC units that are made up of an ice chest with a fan blowing through the ice. Fans help but when you are sitting in the sun under a black canopy a fan may not be enough. We use the wet t-shirt method of cooling when the temp gets above 98.6. It only work for about an hour max - but the first 20 minutes are too cool the next 20 minutes are just right and the nest 20 minutes you are looking for another place to dip your shirt.

If you want to do a little research there is a unit available for aircraft from Sporty's - a pilot supply place. I'm sure that others have come up with ideas that are on the internet.

Heating is not a problem as your bike is water cooled, you can run a heater core or you could even put ducting from behind the fan on the bike. If you just want a fan a squirrel cage fan is compact. JC Whitney use to sell an electric defroster cheap that fits nicely and can be ran as just a fan, not much heat is given off if you are looking to heat the sidecar off of this. Proper real air conditioning is a problem if you Goldwing is a GL1800, if it is a GL1500 or earlier no problem. You just need to add a pulley to the crank on the engine to run a compressor. You can get a "kit" to add air conditioning from Hot Rod air, great starting point. On the GL1800 you can not put a crank on the front as behind its cover is the trigger wheel for the ignitions system, the end of the crank where the trigger is driven is only 10mm no where near strong enough to drive an A/C compressor.
My wife and I ran a Daytona GL rig in death valley several years ago in July, we had a fan, I also made a scoop for the in floor air intake but most important every stop we made we soaked our shirts and then put our full riding gear back on over the wet shirts. It was cold for a while. Many people when it gets hot out strip off more cloths. This is stupid as once the temp is over body temp all you are doing is heating your self up and or burning. This of course is covered in the S/tep class (sidecar trike education program.)
People have used the ice chest type coolers and Hannigan even sells this sort of thing, my self I will pass, seams like a dumb fix.
Jay G
DMC sidecars

there is always the cooling vest. this is a vest that has cores built into it and connects to a small cooler of ice water and circulates cold water through the vest to keep you cool. I have read it work very good

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Alan, check out these cooling vests,
also these,

either system is easier than trying to plumb in an HVAC, AND portable from one rig to another.

I would just like to find a "Made in the USA" evaporative cooling vest for less than $100. Does anyone know of a source

jwshort - 1/1/2015 5:27 PM
" evaporative cooling vest "

Are you referring the the kind you soak in water then put on?

Yes - that is what I am looking for. There are ones made in china that are cheap - but that pretty much describes them

$44.95. I have 2 - 1 for wife and 1 for myself. Work GREAT!

How about a myster and fan?