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Hurricane Irma

Got the bikes tucked away and hoping everything stays dry. Just waiting here to see if storm surge is gonna be over the top or ?? Want to make the Ralley in Arkansas.

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All button down and stocked up here.

glad your safe for now, hope to see you in March at FLA rally.

Keep dry Rich

Here's hopin' all in the path of the storm come through safe and sound!!!

Tom Wells aka Reardan Tom

Bees, Chicks, Dog, and me came through with no problems. Oh no power for 48 hours.

Just some downed palm fronds and plant damage. Flood surge of 12-15 feet never came. I live in a canal and the water rose up about 6-8". Did lose electric at 1:30 am and it' s still out. Threw out a lot of food but everyone safe and still have a House.??????

my rig never made it back from the NY. is in the Pittsburgh area in storage ..blown head gasket....and no time to fix it before I flow home to take care of the house and family ... so now I will just have to build a new rig...doing the clean up from Irma this week....the house is fine but fence and trees are trashed....maybe I will just get a Ural....know any body selling one ???...ok lets start getting to know the Fl. members....any body want to ride let me know, I still have a bike (with out hack)

Sorry for your losses Rich. This put a human face on the hurricane for me. Hang in there. You are all in our prayers - really!