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Hurra, USCA Forum is back on line

This was a long waiting...over a month and no forum had me desperate. I even thought my computer was full of virus.

Now back to fun and nice companionship!

Here what I just lurked on Sovietsteeds:

Enjoy crazzy Britt's playing!

Regards from the rainy season in CR.



Agreed Peter, good to have back, I missed you guys!



Good to have the forum back. The new look is going to take a while to get used to but we certainly will get used to it and get back in the groove.

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Petey looks great in his boat. For sure he enjoys riding out with you Tom, charming picture.

A few weeks back in Germany I thought a neighbour's dog would be a Labradoodle too, as it looked just like Petey ...great mistake. It was a Siberian Terrier, = Gulag guardian dog that had the need to "defend" its owner. Luckily I remembered the lessons learned in earlier life.

Nice to be able to comunicate with the old fellow sidecar pusher crowd again. And introduce herewith friend "Medio Tico" Rick, who might struggle a bit in NC, right now with his "Miss Peabody". In December Rick and I had our adventure on a fly and ride action so his 9 grandkids can get their needed portion of "carrousell rides".

Best regards




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New site looks good.  Thanks.


Hey Gang 1st post in months.

I must say THANK YOU many times over to Al Olme for walking me through getting back on line.

Glad to be back.