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How to change the order of posts in a thread

It may not be a feature of this site. But I have to ask in case it is hidden somewhere.

On other forums, you can choose the order you'd like to see the threads when you are logged on. By that I mean when you first open the thread, the latest post will be at the top and on page one. Earlier posts will be below it and then as you page back the posts get earlier and earlier until the original post is found at the end on the last page.

Can that choice be made on this forum? I have not been able to find it.

I am on a couple other forums that seem to lack this same feature. It may just be common software is being used.


So basically you want the posts in each thread to appear in reverse chronological order? Don't think we got that option. If you go to "My Settings" you can play around with "Default thread viewing method" but reverse chrono is not one I don't think.

I agree with Drone. But you do know that clicking "new threads" takes you to the latest post on any thread, right Rob? Much easier than searching every thread every time.