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How old is everyone?

18 goin on 63 Hank

62 but I still see a kid when I look in the mirror. A kid with gray hair...

Tom Wells aka Reardan Tom


Rushing towards my 64th.



Gonna be 66 this year

Originally written by Wngnut on 5/10/2009 7:51 PM

I have a feeling I'm one of the younger members here? Being only 34 years young. I was just curious. How old is everybody?

Wingnut: You don't look a day over 70 🙂

I'm 33, but I feel about 90. It must have something to do with them 5 little kids that hang out in my house all day.

I am glad there are so many "younger" ones. I am 61, but still going.


Let's bike is 36 years old, the other is 35 years old, My hack is 35 years old....... My back feels 80 years old, My feet feel 75 years old, My lungs are (cough, cough) 65, My eyes are pushing 63, My hair is 6 weeks old (recently got a buzz cut), My knees and ankles are 65 (used to ski) years old, I was born in 1955, cheated death in 1967, 1977, 1978, 1980,(my memory feels 80 years old) don't remember til 2007 when a big rock came through my windshield and tried to get me, (really close!), so....lets see.....blah + blah - blah x blah = 53 years, 7 months.