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How often do you visit this site

How often do you visit the site
Once in a while
Once a week
More than once a week

I'm just curious as to how many and how often the site is visited. Do you look more than you post. 

myself I drop in a few times a day as I'm at a computer a good part of my day during the week, not so much on the weekends but I make it a point to check in at least every morning. 


Almost daily.

I check it most every day.  Sometimes I miss a day on the weekend if we're out doing stuff.  But otherwise it's every morning.

Cheers! Joe

I check it almost every day, but hardly ever post anything.

As Admin ;^), I check in a few times each day.  Always once in the morning to help sweep out the trash but usually the admin squad has taken care of that.  Thanks Ace, Duncan & Dave.


Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota

 I try almost every day.    

I try almost every day.



It's a little misleading as I check in several times a day to see what is new, without signing in. Pop in, pop out.  Unless I want to post, then I sign in.  The in-n-outs doesn't show that I visited.

We're a quiet bunch. 

Once upon the time when Joyce Canfield was still among us, sometimes it was several times a day. I miss her and Looney Cook a lot. On the other hand I am happy to have frequent direct contact to dear Reardan Tom and Igor (C64club) in Poland, 2 members who I really appreciate a lot as straight forward persons. So this forum makes the world a little bit smaller and better.

Now when I am on duty turn, it may happen that there is no way to look in here for a month or more. Normally I lurk some 3 times a week, but do not post any more as much I used to.  There are now only a few years left, where I am supposed to work and save for pension and I am not able to play just for fun Mr Knowitall.  It is good to see, that the activity has risen a lot again. With some luck there comes a change to visit a USCA rally,  like in 2019 when I was able to visit a Ural meeting in NC for a few hours.

To all enjoy each day and ride safe. Every day is a present. 

Best regards from 10ºN, 84ºW, Banana Republic where a rig might turn into a "last option" really fast. See below 😉


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Like, Joe, I take a look most every morning when I'm home.

Lee Summer Grove, LA Ural cT, CJ750, Burgman/Texas Ranger, Zuma 50F, MB5, TW200, CRF250L, GTV300