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how many still ride 2 Wheels?

When I get a Sidecar installed on my Triumph Rocket 3 Roadster, I will still keep my 2012 Suzuki Burgman 650 Executive since my Son has one also and we ride together.


The put on take off idea is not so good in my eyes.
On the MZ that was like the attempt to autoprovoke to go down on the first cobble stone pavement...the frame was too week and twisted extremely from my acrobatic way to ride on 3 wheels, so on 2 wheels it became insane to ride it.
The Jawa as 2 wheeler was the revelation (used to leave from the traffic lights like a light weight dragster), so about 9000 out of the 29000km I did on 2 wheels. Good solid frame, but the put on procedure was pretty nasty and a kind of lottery. In most occasions it would pull badly and only when friend Fernando (Jawa importer) would align it, it would ride straight on 3 wheels.
The Ural as 2 wheeler is possible to handle but not very much fun even with brand new tires. (I understand the back wheel is mounted 1/2" offset)
So to have a second 2 wheel only bike is the easiest way to go.

I used to have a KLR as solo, but most roads got paved and frankly I felt much safer in upper mountain range on 3 wheels, so the new 2 wheeler is a long stroker for pure street riding and the rig for allround and heavy load transports.

I think my signature line says it all. Three 2 wheel, and only one 3 wheel rig. I accumulated just short of 7K miles on 2, and just short of 2K on 3 in 2015. Now some of the difference is due to a mechanical failure of the Wing/Cali that put it down for nearly two months while I found a problem in the starter motor. But I still love the 2 wheel experience and plan to continue enjoying it while I still can trust my knees to hold it up an the stops.

That is principally why I like the rig most around town.

2014 CB1100 Std, 2000 ST1100 with DMC Classic, 1981 CB650C

Two wheels solo, three wheels when traveling with my wife and when the two-wheelers are down for maintenance.


Am now enjoying the pleasure of three wheels exclusively. Not worrying about loose sand, gravel, oil or potholes frees my mind to ride the wind. The Goldwing rig is for Iron Butt cruising and the KLR rig for exploring 4x4 mountains trail.

Yes, I miss carving the country roads, but I don't miss coming around a blind curve to find a lost bale of hay in the middle of the road. I've destroyed three helmets, have numerous stitches and a week long hospital stay as memories from riding two wheels.

Today three wheels give me the wind in my face, wide open vistas and take me wherever I want to go. CCjon

I have got two sidecar rigs (Ural and Suzuki) and my beloved BMW R100GS. I ride the BMW as a commuter and the rigs occasionly to rallies or for shopping

I use my two wheeler GSA for commuting and exploring back roads. Much of my part of Vermont is dirt; in fact, in my town we have only one paved road. The GSA sidecar rig is for rides with my dog, Tulliver, who is just learning the ropes. Barley, who had 55,000 miles under his collar, was lost to cancer a couple of months ago. I hope with love and patience Tulliver will learn to enjoy travel as much as Barley did.

Wow, a lot of great thoughts and comments. I am really enjoying the sidecar ride. Getting to feel more comfortable especially in the curves. I know that one of those ah shoot experiences will come when least expected. Need to start introducing our dog Daisy to the SC. That will take some doing! Thinking of picking up a good used PC 800 to use around town. They are supposed to be great bikes and are a little smaller and easier to ride than the bigger heavier bike. Everything in its own good time! Happy New Year to all! Ride safe and enjoy the journey!!

I look at it as two very different riding experiences. I love leaning into the turns on two wheels, but when traction is questionable, as in the rain or on roads where gravel is common, the third wheel is great for stability and peace of mind. Also, when we go on an extended camping trip I pull an Aspen camp trailer. I've pulled the trailer with two wheels, but it's much more stable with three and braking is way better with the sidecar brake available. The extra cargo room is great on trips too.

My Hannigan sidecar comes off the Harley in about half an hour, leaving some of the mounts on the bike, and goes back on in about an hour without needing to be realigned
each time, so it's not a big deal to take it off or put back on.

My wife also rides a Harley with a Hannigan hack mounted that we got so we could take our dogs on trips. She prefers three wheels all the time now (She rode for many years and many thousands of miles on two wheels before getting the hack). We have discussed getting a third, smaller, lighter bike we could both ride when the urge for two wheels hits.

We rarely carry passengers in our hacks, except for the dog and occasional short rides with the grandkids.

I use my sidecar rig almost exclusively to haul my grandson around in. He's done 2000 mile trips and enjoys the heck out of it. I use my ST1100 for long distance rides and my '98 EV for around town and rallys. My KLx250S is for dual sport stuff and I'm considering getting a KLR with some sort of hack for the grandson and I dual sport. It's all good, it's all fun. :>)