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how many still ride 2 Wheels?

Just curious about how many here continue to ride on 2 Wheels after getting your SC installed? I occaisionally miss the leaning and manuverability of 2 wheels. a friend just bought a 2 wheeler to ride locally and uses his SC rig for longer trips. Seems like a big investment if not used a lot. Just wonder if he is unusual or represents a lot of SC riders. Your thoughts please. Thank you!

I have only been operating a sidecar for a few months and still prefer 2 wheels most of the time.

I built the sidecar rig primarily for my buddy, Meatloaf, and most of the time I take it out he is in it.


I am condemned to ride 2 wheels again full time as my son will not return my rig since he got the licence in November.
Time to finally lay hand on my Jaquarna rig- Jawa Husquarna...
In 1 1/4 month I got 2 occasions to ride the Ural.
To put me into 4 wheels needs quite some persuasion... my microbus has got on its clock 980km this whole year.
Sven :O

I ride 2 sidecars and 4 2 wheelers regularly. Sometimes 2 in a same day. Seldom 3 a day.

I have two rigs w/3 wheels. Enjoyed them so much I finally got rid of the two wheeler.

Ride the 2 wheeler to work daily and 3 wheeler on weekends occasionally when taking Roxy or the kiddos on rides.

put a car on my triumph 2 years ago, have not been on two wheels since. Have a few two wheelers out in the barn that are getting lonely, I think I need to rig 'em or sell 'em

Have two sidecar rigs and use one or the other almost daily. Did ride both bikes without car before getting them "stabilized." Kind of miss the two wheel experience but cannot see the work involved in separating them as being justified for the limited fun involved. But then, I often carry three up. Darn, you got me thinking about this. May have to go out and get another bike just for two wheeling.

Wow, thanks for the information. Seems to be split with some leaning (no pun intended) toward sidecar only. I think I need to wait a little and see if the 2 wheel memories fade or get stronger. I really enjoy riding with the sidecar and am still in a fairly steep learning curve so it may be way too early to make any decision. I agree that the process of taking the sidecar off just to ride 2 wheels for a short time is a lot of work. It also seems that once removed, try as I might things just don't go back together as easily as they are supposed to. I'll keep you posted on my thinking. Thanks again for all of your thoughts and comments!

Three sidecar rigs and two 2 wheel bikes. I just like riding all of them.