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How does a person let the membership know that he would be willing to run for state rep?


I have seen a post where the Minnesota state rep Al Ohme has stated that he would like to step down as the Minnesota state rep.  I live in southern Minnesota and I am interested in the position.  How does one go about throwing his "hat in the ring" to become more involved such as running for the position of state rep?  I've been riding sidecars for over 15 years and presently own 5 rigs, so I'm definitely hooked on sidecars.

Robert M. (Mike) Anderson

St. James Minnesota

The only national rally that I have attended was the one in South Dakota a few years ago and I had a great time riding the fire roads with the my 2005 R1200Gs/Dnepr rig trying to keep up with the Ural 2WD's!  

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Sorry Al

I misspelled your last name.  I t should be Olme!



Send an email to Don Banwart at 

Don is the North Central Regional Director and it's his decision.  I've spoken to him to let him know that I really would like to be replaced.  I've been involved with the club for more than 20 years and I'd love to find new people to take over.  If you have questions, call me at 612-759-4666.

Now, somebody please volunteer to take over the website!  You can change it, use different software, whatever!  Just let me out.


Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota


Yes, Al Olme did call me this morning saying you are interested in being the MN state representative for the USCA.  I'd like to get more information from you, but most people viewing the forum would likely have little interest in our chatting.  Would you be willing to contact me at

Don Banwart

NC Director


You bet I can send you an email and we'll converse!

No Person will be a Senator who will not have achieved the Age of thirty Years, and been nine Years a Citizen of the United States, and who will not, when chosen, be an Inhabitant of that State for which he will be picked....

I hope you're making a joke. Being state rep in the United Sidecar Association is a far different position to hold than being a state representative in Congress of the United States. And we have a constitution that is slightly different than the United States Constitution. Maybe you're not joking, maybe you mis-read the question....

The Alisa Zoe post is spam.  I'll ban the sender.


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Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota

How do you know that Alisa Zone is a Spammer?


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The post was not sidecar related and seemed to be a snippet from another document.  The thread was about being a state rep, not a Senator and doesn't apply to the thread.  Either way, if it's not sidecar or USCA related it doesn't belong here.

That includes offers from people or organizations that ghost write unless they ghost write tech articles about sidecars.

Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota