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How can I delete an ad?

How can I delete an ad? Nothing seems to work. Thanks!


Do you see this set of boxes on the right side of the menu bar above your ad?

Quote Reply Alert Edit Delete

All you need to do is click the delete button [or call me and tell me which ad you want to delete]

OR ad to the subject line SOLD or OOPS delete or if your in a rush to get it down edit by removing everything in it ( backspace ) or click on the moderator DAVE tell me what you want done. It sends a message to me.

I have tried clicking on the delete button. The message comes back that I cannot delete the first message in a thread - only the moderator can. I hit submit there and nothing happens either. I'll empty the ads of content. FWIW, the majority of the instructions at the beginning are years and years old - maybe a tribute to Joyce?

OK, so which ad, I'll delete it.

There are 3 or 4 that I've emptied and put "Nothing for sale" in them. Deleting them would be great. The only one left, I think, is the Watsonian I have for sale.

Bob, what about the racing rig project?