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How about taking a free trip to Hawaii?

Came across this today..

Aloha from Hawaii

How about taking a free trip to Hawaii?
Test drive a HAWAIIAN CHARIOT wheelchair motorcar and if you decide to purchase one, we will reimburse you fully for your airfare and hotel accommodations.

Fully certified by NHTSA, DOT and the EPA, the HAWAIIAN CHARIOT is legal on all the streets and highways in the United States.

Top speed is 45 mph (without add-on upgrades)

Download a brochure and take the time to view these stream-video clips and see how easy and simple the HAWAIIAN CHARIOT is to operate.a_flyer-s_copy

Manufacturers suggested retail price: $16,000.00 😉

Considering that I expect to be wheel chair bound in the not so distant future, I found that quite interesting.
Sorry that they limit it to 250cc. I expect that means they use a cheap Chinese engine and drive unit from some scooter.
I would have been more impressed with 650 to 750cc to be able to negotiate long uphill situations.

I live in Hawi on the big island and the nearest town of size is Waimea about 22 miles away over the Kohala mountain road that passes 3,564 feet altitude on the way. 250cc would be at a crawl for much of the way.
16'000 is much over priced for what it is.
They are counting on the fact that there is little or no competition in the market for this type of vehicle to price it so high.

Here is my current disability vehicle.


You picked a great disability bike Phel! Flatfooting with ease and comfy if ya change the stock seat off...I LOVE my Aero and would rather consider sidecarring it than buying a's just enough power for me and I don't ride crazy fast since I have to watch my speed anyway..I am a bus driver.........